Big Carp Fed By Hand


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We've just been sent in this fantastic photo of a 30lb+ carp being, literally, hand-fed!

It's a far cry from some of the UK's big carp waters, where the big carp are hardly seen, let alone touched by human hand!

Trevor Hardy, who sent the photo in, explains:
"I was fishing on a family holiday at Centre Parcs, and some one told me they were feeding the ducks by a small jetty and big carp were taking the bread.

As the fishing went a bit quiet, I wanted to see this for myself.

As a keen angler, I was amazed by their size. They were all between 20-30lb. The carp in this picture; I could put my whole hand in its mouth!"


Thanks for sharing the photo with us, Trevor. Now, ho do we go about getting a ticket to fish this place?!!!

Big Carp Fed By Hand