Buying Cheap Fishing Tackle With Fat Fingers

Fat Fingers is a concept that has been around for some time now, but may be new to some of you, so what does it mean?

You'll often hear the word 'typo' used when talking about spelling mistakes on the internet. Typo's tend to happen for two reasons;

1. The person typing genuinely doesn't know how to spell the word they're typing or
2. The person typing genuinely makes a typing mistake. On small keyboards (like the little Acer netbook I'm typing on right now!), this is often a result of the user's fingers being too fat for the keys, hence the term 'Fat Fingers'.

A lot of the time, typing mistakes don't appear or are covered up quickly on websites. We have spell checkers, grammar checkers and pedantic visitors who, fortunately, are keen to point out errors!

Buying Cheap Fishing Tackle With Fat FingersSo, how does this help us save money on fishing tackle?

It's quite simple, really. Let's say for example that I was looking for cheap Sundridge fishing tackle. More often that not, I would visit eBay and type 'Sundridge' into the search engine. I'd then be met with hundreds of matches to sift through. Fine...if I don't mind paying the going rate, as every other person interested in Sundridge tackle will be sitting at home doing the same thing as me.

However, if I had time to sit there and think of all the typo's people might make, I could probably find some real bargains. Everyone else will be typing 'Sundridge' in and bidding against me on any matches. However, if somebody has listed their item as, say, a 'Sunridge rod' (i.e. they forgot the 'd'), then the number of people looking at that rod will be significantly less. And, most importantly for me, that means fewer bidders.

Fat Fingers does this searching for you. You won't get as many matches and in some cases you'll get none, but when you do stumble across a good one it can be a real gem.

I've added a box here for you to try this system. Give it a go. And please remember, it doesn't just work for fishing gear. In fact, try it for more general purchases and you'll be amazed at the results. It works especially well for high value items that have big markets, so you may want to try terms like 'Nintendo' (you can see some of the resluts I got for this term in the picture on this page), 'Playstation', 'Nokia', etc.

All you need to do is type your search term into the box, hit the 'FIND' button and wait for the link to appear below. Click on it and you will be taken to the results page.

UK Visitors, Use This FatFingers Search Box

US Visitors, Use This FatFingers Search Box

If you start getting a taste for bargains, please take a look at , where you'll find other methods of getting more value for your money.