Two-Man Bivvy for £10 – Just add green dye!

Now, I'm not suggesting for one minute that you can compare a cheap tent to some of the quality bivvies on the market these days, but I was just browsing eBay and was gobsmacked by this deal; a 2-man dome tent for just £10.19, plus £1.99 UK delivery.

Why was I gobsmacked? Well, looking at it, I can only spot one real difference between this Lichfield Apache 2-Person (how PC!!) Tent and the first bivvy I ever used, which gave me years of good service; the difference being that this one's not green!

Lichfield Apache 2-Person TentEven though I suspect that virtually no anglers would consider buying one, because it's the 'wrong' colour', I thought it would be worth posting a photo and link to it here on Anglers' Net, just to show some of the bargains that can be had when you start thinking a bit 'out of the box' when online shopping, especially on eBay.

Every year, we have a fish-in for Anglers' Net members and this often involves anglers fishing overnight for the first time. Most of the time, 'accommodation' is arranged between the members, and those with spare kit are only more than happy to share with those who don't have session fishing gear. I mean, it's pointless buying something just for one weekend, isn't it? That said, if I was going to attend a weekend fish-in, festival, or any outdoor event this summer, I'd seriously consider buying one of these tents, or even the more expensive one that Argos have on clearance sale at £20. At those prices, they are almost disposable. I should think a case of beer costs more than that!

If you like a bargain, keep an eye on the Argos Clearance OutletCLICK HERE to view it – as they often have cracking deals. And, for larger second hand gear, bookmark - a lot of my friends and family use that site.

I do virtually all of my shopping online now and will share some more finds with you in 2012.

Happy bargain hunting!