Christmas Is Coming!

“Christmas has officially started. The Coca Cola advert was on telly last night.” Somebody actually said that to me recently.

Which TV advert marks the start of Christmas for you? Maybe the John Lewis one? Marks & Spencer? Argos?

Well, that may be about to change....

Dragon Carp Direct have just launched what must be one of the UK's first angling Christmas adverts. Okay, so it may not be on mainstream TV, but it's on YouTube and most people I know are more likely to see it on there than between parts one and two of Coronation Street!

It's cheesy, mildly annoying after you hear it for the fiftieth time, full of red & white imagery and contains jingling bells. PERFECT! WE LOVE IT!

Check it out below and, if you really are tempted, CLICK HERE to see what offers they've got on. Christmas is coming...