Spot A Bargain, Win A Prize

A while ago, we used to sell a few bits of pieces through Anglers' Net. In fact, if you CLICK HERE, you can see some of the stuff that was available (don't order any – the payment part is now disabled!). Time constraints meant that I had to knock that idea on the head. Anglers' Net is run by a very small team and posting parcels is time-consuming.

So, for a while, I've been wondering what to do with some of the stuff cluttering up the office, garage and just about every other bit of space around here. Then, one day, a forum member gave me a box box of jiffy bags and a plan was born...!

I'll expand on the idea below, but here is how it is going to work, in basic form:

  1. You spot a bargain bit of fishing tackle or bait, or anything that an angler might find useful.
  2. You post it to our forum.
  3. If it's selected, you win a prize.

'SIMPLES!', as an animated member of the mongoose family might say.

So, here's the above in expanded form....

  1. We're looking for any fishing bargains from an online tackle shop, Amazon or an eBay 'Buy It Now' deal with 5 or more in stock (reason being, we want others to be able to buy the bargains you spot!). This can be from any online UK store, although we'll be more inclined to view links to our site sponsors first (see list below).
    PLEASE NOTE: eBay auction listings are not eligible, but 'Buy It Now' items are, as long as there are 5 or more in stock.
  2. Copy the address from your browser and then CLICK HERE to visit the correct thread on our forum (if you are not already a member, you will need to register before you can post. CLICK HERE to do so). Post a 'reply' to the thread and include the link, the name of the product and the price. It would also help if you could include a few words as to why you think it's a bargain.
  3. We will select items that catch our eye and feature them on the main part of Anglers' Net, under our 'Reader Offers' section. If we feature an item that you first posted, not only will you be mentioned, but we'll contact you to send you a small prize. Result!

I need to point out a few things;

Firstly, this is meant to be a bit of fun, so please treat it as such.

Secondly, these will only be small prizes, such as a couple of packets of hooks, or some PVA bags, or something of a similar value. Prizes will be chosen by us, at random, although we will try to send you something that matches your preferred type of fishing, if available. No good sending a beach angler two packs of size 22 spade end hooks!

And, lastly, we can only post to UK addresses. There simply aren't the funds available for overseas post, I'm afraid.

So, there you have it. It may seem a bit long-winded, but it really is a simple idea and I hope that it catches on, as I'd like to see it run and run. Anglers' Net has always been about anglers helping each other, and we all win with this one – you, Anglers' Net, anglers who see your bargain finds and the shops, who need our business more than ever.

Happy hunting,


P.S. As promised, below are a list of sites that help support Anglers' Net. You don't have to use these sites, but I'll be honest and say that links to their sites are more likely to be checked first!

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