Fishing Tattoos

I think fate was telling me that I just HAD to start an online gallery of fishing tattoos. It started last week, when a friend came round to help me with a plumbing issue. Well, I say “help me”, but I really mean “fix my plumbing whilst I made coffee and ordered a curry delivery”. Anyway, this friend of mine has quite a tattoo collection, one of which was a koi carp down his forearm.

A plan was hatched to take a photograph of this carp tattoo, post it on Anglers' Net and see if anyone else had any similar tattoos to show off. However, having seen said arm up to the elbow in toilet, I kind of 'forgot' to take the photo and my mate went home, un-photographed and smelling of curry.

Carp TattooLo and behold, I got an email a few days later from Phil Harris, a member of the Anglers' Net on Facebook page. He'd included a picture of his own tattoo (shown here) and asked if I'd post it to our page. It was a really weird coincidence and, rather than lose it among the other fishing photos on there, I decided to create a gallery specifically for fishing tattoos.

Within no time, a few had been submitted. You can see them by CLICKING HERE.

I'm the sort of person that will probably never get a tattoo done, but I do admire the artwork of some of them. Modern tattoos certainly look a bit different to my dear Uncle Rob's 'LOVE' and 'HATE' pieces of knuckle-art!

If you've got a fishing-related tattoo, and would like us to feature it in our Fishing Tattoo Gallery on Facebook, please email a photograph of it to – it would help if you put 'Tattoo For AnglersNet Facebook Page' in the subject of the email. Please feel free to include some details – a plug for your tattooist is more than welcome!

I would show you mine.....but I'm a wimp when it comes to needles.

Tight lines,