We’re Fishing For A TV Star

Mr. Crabtree goes fishing, written by the late Bernard Venables, began life in the Daily Mirror where it was serialised for over 25 years.  It remains the largest selling fishing book of all time.

The Mirror Group, in conjunction with Toast Entertainment Group, the Angler's Mail and Anglers' Net is launching a search for a new 'Peter'. A nationwide search to find four boys or girls, aged 8 to 14 who will join angling legend John Bailey, as he fishes in the footsteps of Mr. Crabtree in a forthcoming TV series due to broadcast late 2012.

Fergus McKenna, Head of Syndication and Licensing, Mirror Group says: "Along with our creations like Andy Capp and Mr. Digwell, Mr. Crabtree was a great favourite, not just with the angling audience but for all of our readers.  Capturing the essence of taking pleasure from the simple things in life, and promoting a love for outdoor living and sporting pursuits, the lessons that Mr. Crabtree taught are equally as relevant today.  We're delighted to be involved in bringing this Mirror Group creation back to life for a new generation to enjoy."

Peter, son of Mr. CrabtreeCaptivating literally millions of young anglers, anyone who grew up on Mr. Crabtree will know Peter, the son of Mr. Crabtree in the books and long running comic strip. Possibly you identified with him whilst fishing alongside your own mentor, and will now understand how vital that relationship can be in developing a love for fishing, growing an appreciation of the natural environment, and learning all of those tricks that we carry with us to our dotage.

John Bailey, a Norfolk-based angling expert and ex-teacher is the ideal presenter for 'Fishing in the footsteps'.  He says: "The original Crabtree inspired millions of anglers through two, three or even four generations to take up a sport that is exciting, challenging and leads to a truly profound understanding of the aquatic world.

"Fishing in the footsteps will show how techniques have changed but its core values remain the same. We will be teaching the sport from the fundamentals up, but will also be portray the white knuckle thrills, the fun & friendship and the deep respect for the environment every proper angler feels."

The values conveyed in the long-running series are still as relevant today as they were way back when. The Mr. Crabtree heritage conjures up a wealth of nostalgia for any angler, all illustrated by a back-to-basics approach to fishing using simple kit, unencumbered by the modern penchant for expensive gadgets.

Mr. Crabtree fished using his head and heart, never blanked, and instilled in Peter a love for the natural environment, respect for his surroundings and an enviable level of knowledge of angling techniques.

TEG is looking for modern-day 'Peters', children who have at the very least an interest in angling and either want to extend the knowledge they already have, or are willing to pay close attention and pick it up as they go.

Executive producer, Lester Holcombe says: "I've been producing TV programmes for the last ten years and I started fishing at an earlier age than even Peter did, with my late dad and my uncle, so getting to make this series and to be a part of Mr Crabtree's re-introduction to a new TV and angling audience, is a dream come true.

"Only rarely has an angling show or series reached out to an audience beyond those people that already go fishing. Crabtree and its key messages will not only appeal to all anglers, but to a wider TV audience, who will get to see the magic of fishing and why it is the favoured pastime of millions of people in Britain."

There will be high expectations of the 'Peters' and they will be expected to follow a Code of Behaviour.  This will be supplied to all semi-finalists (and their parents).

This brilliant opportunity has some very simple entry requirements; full terms and conditions are available at www.mrcrabtreegoesfishing.com as well as an online entry form.

  1. 'Peter' needs to be aged between 8 and 14
  2. 'Peter' can be a boy OR a girl
  3. 'Peter' doesn't have to be able to fish already, but should be very interested - This is NOT about getting on the TV at all costs
  4. 'Peter' will be expected to adhere to certain standards of behaviour – TEG is looking for a role model for other children

Entry closes on 2nd March 2012, followed by a shortlisting and screening process where 12 semi-finalists will be chosen and interviewed by a panel of judges. The winning four 'Peters' will be announced by the end of the month and filming will commence.

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About Toast Entertainment Group

Specialists in large scale live event production for TV, TEG own the football vehicle The Legends, and have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity over a ten year period.  Fishing in the footsteps of Mr Crabtree is a long-standing passion project for the company, one that will bring as much pleasure to those watching as to those making the program.

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