Fishing Holidays For All The Family

Fishing holidays are often a bone of contention in families. Unless you happen to be in a family in which every member is an angler (or you are single!), the chances are you'll often be met with fierce opposition if you even dare to mention a 'fishing holiday'! There are actually a handful of venues in the UK that do offer a family holiday based around fishing, but the majority focus on the fishing itself, which may deter the non-angling members of your family from even contemplating going there. There is, however, an alternative...

Cottages 4 You is a MASSIVE cottage letting website. Their website is enormous, extremely easy to use and covers the UK (including the Channel Islands), Ireland, Italy and France.

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From the most modest of small cottages, right through to gites, villas, manor houses and even castles, you'll find SOMETHING to whet your appetite there.

Sure, it's not the 'package holiday' that you get when you fly abroad to laze on a sun lounger all day, where everything is sorted for you and you're waited on hand and foot but that's part of the fun of it. In the past, I have loved arranging holidays with a fishing element – the whole process of planning it builds up the anticipation of the fishing, as well as the holiday itself.

We've all got areas of the UK and beyond that we've said we'd love to fish one day, I'm sure; whether it's a particular river for barbel, a famous day ticket carp fishery, a Scottish salmon beat, or a piece of beautiful coastline, with the flexibility of a cottage getaway, you really can fulfil these dreams.

Fishing is relaxing, but sometimes you need to think outside the box a bit and put a little bit of effort in to really enjoy it. Apply the same thinking to your holiday and not only will you have a great fishing holiday, tailored to your own desires, but your family will also thank you for it. It's a win-win situation!

Honestly, take a look at and see where your mind takes you. I've been looking lately and am getting very drawn to Cornwall. How about you?

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