Fox Supa Brolly

Due for release in June 2012, Fox are understandably quite excited about their new Supa Brolly.

In the video below, Fox tackle guru Scott Day gives you the low-down on this revolutionary new piece of fishing tackle, which they claim is set to change the face of carp umbrellas forever!

From the Fox International site:
Introducing the revolutionary our new Supa Brolly, which is set to change the face of carp umbrellas forever! The uniquely shaped Supa Brolly features our revolutionary STS mechanism, which is combined with a flatter, wider back section and extended side skirts to offer the type of internal space normally associated with a bivvy not an umbrella! In addition the fibreglass pole construction gives incredible strength yet makes the Supa Brolly unbelievably light at the same time. Ladies and Gentleman, we give you the Supa Brolly – an umbrella that thinks it is a bivvy!

Just hit 'PLAY' on the video below to see the Fox Supa Brolly features in action:

CLICK HERE to read more and to get the technical spec of the Fox Supa Brolly.