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Bait Factory


After two years of testing, Bait Factory has now launched its new range and this week we’re giving you the chance to win all the bait you need to catch this Summer. The massive selection is full of new recipes, flavours and ideas and as part of Bait Factory Week on Anglers Net, we’ll be reviewing all the new ideas and giving away £250 of FREE bait.

There are over 100 different products available from Bait Factory and they’re already putting fish in the net this season despite the cold temperatures.

Boilies, particles, pellets, glugs, groundbait and paste are all part of the clever range that are manufactured in the UK.

Top young specimen hunter Dan Sales, who just weeks ago banked an unofficial World record roach, said: “Some of the baits are very different to everything else in the UK and I think that innovation will play a big part in improving catch-rates for those who are early adopters of the range.

“One of the key advantages is the teaming up of flavour families – choose a flavour such as Arctic Krill and Crab and you get buy that in glug format, groundbait, flavoured hemp, Arctic Krill particle and spod mixes, also in paste, pop ups and soft pellets. And then there’s our pellet buckets – we actually manufacture our own pellets so what you get isn’t just a carp pellet that’s been sprayed with colour and flavour – it is pure recipe right to the core.”

The key flavour ranges are:

  • Infuse Bio Bloodworm: A deep red colour, looks an ideal year-round bait
  • Arctic Krill and Crab: Based on classic crab with a modern krill twist. A beauty!
  • Apex Fennel and Hemp: One to watch. Already scoring heavily – totally unique
  • Reef Coconut Cream: Coconut is the vogue flavour – our ‘cream’ blend has done well in all trials.
  • Aztec Chilli-Chocolate Orange: A unique flavour to Bait Factory – highly distinctive. Orange is a highly emerging citrus flavour.
  • Storm Tropical Fruit: A blend of fruits that delivers a tutti-frutti twist.

Bait Factory

To be in with a chance of winning the bait, all you have to do is CLICK HERE and you will be taken directly to the competition on Facebook. Competition closes 22nd April, 2013.

To see the whole range reviewed, check out the Anglers' Net website every day for an update or visit where you can see all the bait and use the a store locator to find a Bait Factory Outlet near you.