Anglers' Net


I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very happy and prosperous 2013.

2012 has been a great year for Anglers' Net. The site has grown and grown, the recent 45,000 figure on our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/anglersnet – bearing testament to that and all the signs are that 2013 will be even better.

From a business perspective, we are talking to a few companies who want to work with us. That means the chance of security, more growth and, most importantly, a chance to offer more to our visitors.

On a personal level, I don't do 'new year resolutions', but I AM determined to fish more next year. Work, money, broken cars and just about everything else conspired against me in 2012. I'm not letting them beat me in 2013!

Here's hoping that you, too, manage to fish to your heart's content and, more important than any new PB, I hope you get as much pleasure as you can out of each and very cast.

As anglers, we are lucky. We get to experience things that most of the public don't. I think we owe it to ourselves to make the most of it.

Thanks for your support in 2012. I'll see you by the water in 2013.


2013 on a beach