LED Cap Light Winners

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for announcing these a day or so late. It seems that SOMEBODY forgot to tick a box that said “make sure you grab the names of the people who enter this competition” when they set this competition up, so all I was left with was a list of email addresses. Obviously, I can't go publishing a list of email addresses out in public!

In accordance with company policy, the person responsible has now been dealt with in the strictest possible terms and made to sit on the naughty step for five minutes.

Yep, that person was me...sorry.

LED Cap LightAnyway, I've managed to track down the names of four-and-a-half names of winners, I think, and have emailed all five winners to get their postal addresses. Each winner gets an LED Cap Light, in either black or camo finish (chosen at random!).

The winners are:
Ian Mccormick
David Fox
Samantha Beckett-Evans
Nibbles Nobbles (not ENTIRELY sure this is your birth name, but fair play to you if it is!)

I've only got an email address for Stewart, no surname. If your name is Stewart and you entered this competition, PLEASE be double-sure to check your emails.

Thanks to everyone who entered. We've got a load of prizes being delivered to us shortly, so please keep an eye on the Anglers' Net page on Facebook for regular competition updates from now on:

And I promise to be a bit more careful when I set the next one up!

Tight lines,