Matt Hayes 24-Hour Rod Race

It's not very often that a brand new fishing TV programme gets aired. I enjoy seeing just about ANY fishing TV show, but must admit that the repeats and the old formats do grate after a while. Praise be to the fishing Gods, therefore, for the 24 Hour Rod Race!

Starting on the 22nd June, 2012, this new series from Matt Hayes on Discovery Shed looks like it will be entertaining AND instructional, as you'll see from the promotional video below.

Matt is set a number of challenges, sent by text, and has just 24-hours to complete them.

We're told that the show is full of big fish, lake records... and a few near misses.

There are six one-hour episodes in all. Be sure to check out the Discovery Shed website to see when they all are. We'll also try to remind people on our Facebook page at

In my opinion, it's worth watching just to see Matt in his woollen Inca hat, although I'm not sure which episode that's in! Click the 'PLAY' symbol on the video below to see a short clip of the man in action...

Tight lines,

Elton Murphy, Editor