Matt Hayes Limited Edition Range

It's not often I get excited about a product launch in angling, to be honest. I'm not one of those cynical types who knocks companies for bringing out new products, far from it, it's just that I'm pretty happy with the fishing tackle I've got and only really get 'interested' in what's out there if I need to replace or upgrade something.

The new Matt Hayes Limited Edition Range seems to be changing my attitude, though....I can't wait to see it!

Matt Hayes is known by most anglers in the UK and, indeed, by many around the world. A good friend of mine knew him when he was a young 'up-and-coming' angler with an interest in perch fishing and immediately spotted his potential. He's not just one of the major 'faces' in fishing on TV and in magazines, he's a very good angler and always has been!

This new range looks really promising – limited edition tackle that has taken 18-months of development before Matt Hayes was happy to put his name to it.

Class – Quality – Individuality : all  attributes that many of us strive for.

I have no idea of price, or even what's in the complete Matt Hayes Limited Edition Range yet, but keep checking back here and on our Facebook page – – and I promise to let you know as soon I find out any more information! In the meantime, click the 'PLAY' symbol below for a taster...

Tight lines,

Elton Murphy – Editor,