New Aviva Fishing Advert

This new Aviva car insurance advertisement, currently being previewed on YouTube, really made me laugh.

I've always liked Paul Whitehouse, anyway, as I grew up at a time when he and Harry Enfield practically owned British comedy and have fond memories of seeing some of his old characters. The fact that he is a real fisherman also made me warm to him even more over the years!

As far as I'm concerned, though, this new Aviva fishing advert is the best yet. I'm sure it will make most people laugh, as the character is so like many of us, but it's even more funny to me, I reckon,  because it actually comes quite close to a situation that really happened to me on the river once!

I won't spoil it, but if my old mate Glenn Loveday is watching this, that's you in the background, dude....!

Click 'PLAY' and enjoy....

If, for some reason, your browser won't show the clip, just CLICK HERE to go direct to YouTube.