River Monster!


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I seem to spend a lot of my time lately looking at fishing clips on YouTube. Like the rest of the internet, it's a case of sifting through lots of pretty 'normal' stuff until you find a gem.

This huge catfish clip really did catch my eye!

First of all, I was impressed by the sheer amount of 'grunt' that the angler was putting into fighting this fish. He obviously has immense faith in his tackle and probably knows from experience what would happen if he let a fish this size get the upper hand.

Secondly, the size of the fish itself impressed me. Just watch as it he grabs it and brings it in the boat.

And, finally, I loved seeing the fish go back.

Please click 'PLAY' below and take a look. It's only a short clip.

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Who fancies a bit of river catfish fishing now?!!