Spear Fisherman Fights For His Arm!


Anglers' Net


Spear fishing isn't something we'd usually feature here on Anglers' Net, but this isn't really about spear fishing....it's about the sheer power and lack of fear shown by a fish.

Many anglers have had fished grabbed on the way in, usually by a pike in freshwater, or by all manner of predators when sea fishing. It's happened to me on countless occasions and I've even managed to land a few when I've played them correctly, but I think I'd be glad to let this one go. I wouldn't mind betting that the guy in the video felt the same!

Put yourself in this guy's place for one moment....I'm wondering if that wetsuit needed some specialist cleaning after this event?!!!

Fish are awesome. Click the 'PLAY' symbol below and you'll see what I mean.