Wishbone Rig

Worth including, although it's a rig I carry but rarely use - unless I either get desperate or wish to try something for fun.

It's biggest advantage, of course, is that it allows two baits - either the same or different, to be fished close together, thus doubling both the scent trail and offering fish a choice of food.

As can be seen from the diagram I tie my wishbone as a standard trace except for the wishbone itself, which I prefer to keep relatively short at around 14"-16". I have seen wishbones decorated with countless attractor beads and sequins but I prefer to keep them fairly simple because a) I am not convinced that beads etc. give an advantage and b) the cost factor - the more you add to your trace the more it costs.

When I tie the wishbone, I like to keep the beads quite tight up against the swivel though I know some prefer to allow the wishbone a litle more movement. The choice is yours.

My choice of trace length for the Wishbone is
Main trace -- 40"
Hook snood to swivel -- 24"
Wishbone snood -- 14" - 16" (extended)

Rig by Jaybee

Wishbone Rig