A reliable and popular sea fishing rig

The Pulley Rig uses a pennel type hook set up but can be used with a single hook.

The advantage of the pulley rig when used on snaggy bottoms is that once a fish has been hooked the weight of the fish pulls the line through the top swivel and thus lifts the sinker away from the bottom. With the addittion of a bait clip the rig can be cast clipped down for extra distance.

I alter the length of the hook snood depending upon conditions and may go down to 1′ in length when fishing in heavy seas. The shorter length having the advantage that it is not ” swept” around to much in the heavy conditions, and so, in theory, should not get snagged or tangled easily. I will opt for a much longer snood in calmer conditions where the snood is more static on the sea bed. With a longer hook snood a longer sinker snood is also required.
My choice of trace length for the Pulley rig is;
Calm/Snag free conditions   Trace to sinker – 32″ Hook snood – 25″
Rough/Snaggy conditions   Trace to sinker – 18″ Hook snood – 12″

Rig by Jaybee

Pulley Rig

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