Good rig for fishing a long trace

The Up and Over is a rig which allows you to use a long flowing trace which will sit near to the sea bed.

The hook length is attached via a swivel at the bottom of the trace and is looped over an upside down bait clip at the top. A bait clip positioned near the swivel allows the hook to be clipped down during the cast. Hook arrangement can be a single hook or a pennel type rig. On entering the water the hook length is freed from the upside down bait clip and flows out attached close to the sinker.

On retrieve the rig has the same advantages as the pulley rig in that the sinker is lifted clear of the bottom if a fish is on. I would recommend the rig be used on clean beaches where snags are at a minimum Though not shown in the diagram I feel that the rig works best when used with a grip lead as the fish seem to hook themselves better.
My choice of trace length for the Up and Over is;
Main Trace to sinker – 40″
Hook snood – 60″

Rig by Jaybee

Up and Over Rig

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