You may have seen a group called FFDK or Fishing For Disabled Kids doing the rounds on social media recently so we decided to ask the founder Stewart Game what it’s all about…
It all started just over a year ago when my son (who has Right Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy) wanted to go fishing with a few friends (who are also disabled), off we went and all had a great time… but we soon realized that its not all that easy for disabled anglers, my son for example can’t use his right side so a rod and reel is out of the question, and then the issues of landing fish etc…
That was the start of it, now we take 10 to 15 children with various disabilities and young carers (siblings of disabled children or disabled parents) fishing a time to a local lake, teach them the ropes and try to adapt things as we go if needed.
We do all this free of charge, we run entirely from donations from the public and sponsorship from Colne Valley Tackle & Bait who send us bait and end tackle, and Sean Kemsley whose lake we use free of charge, with out this help we couldn’t keep going.
We are trying to get some kits together for some of the older kids so that they have their own gear and can go fishing independently, A few come with me on non FFDK days and it would be great if they had their own gear.
One of our Lads Harry has excelled, on his first trip with us he landed a 10lb sturgeon and that broke him out of the shell he had been living in, he comes on every trip, talks to EVERYONE about fishing and loves socializing with everyone at FFDK… compared to the little lad that wouldn’t hardly look at anyone or say a word, I’d say a great success!
We are based in Canterbury so at the moment only fish in this area but we are looking for sponsorship to become a registered charity and start new groups across the UK.
If anyone can help in any way possible then please contact us,
Twitter @FFDKids
or call 07376638629

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