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Fishrite Rig Wallet (FR04)

If you are looking for a lightweight, versatile, easy to use, rig wallet; they don’t come much better than this – simple and effective.  The wallet, when folded, measures 9×12 inches, and contains 10-envelope style see through rig sleeves. The outer is made from heavy-duty green material with the embroidered Fishrite logo, and has two

ComCom Wind-Up Phone Charger

Like many anglers I try to stick to a routine before a session, which allows me to ready tackle, food, and bait, before setting out on my trip. In most cases this works well and rarely do I forget anything (although a week-long trip down to Oxfordshire springs to mind when I somehow managed to

Fishrite Glug & Soak Case (FR 152)

The Fishrite Glug & Soak Case is a must for anyone who likes to have a few different types of bait with them during a session. The case allows secure transport and storage for up to six pots.  The case measures; 10” length, 7” depth, 4” tall. The outer is made from the usual Fishrite

Fishrite Boilie Air Dry Bag (FR112) & Hook Bait Bag (FR153)

Anyone who makes their own boilies will know the importance of keeping a batch of bait fresh once made. Wrapping in bags or sealed containers for more than a day or two will usually result in the bait going sticky, followed by the onset of mould growth a few days later.  Through the use of

Anglethon Boardgame

When Paul Martin made contact with Anglers’ Net a few months back, I must say, we were intrigued to learn more about the angling board game he had developed. A short while later the game arrived by post and later that night Martin and I gave the game a play test. The first thing we