Fishrite Rig Wallet (FR04)

If you are looking for a lightweight, versatile, easy to use, rig wallet; they don't come much better than this - simple and effective. 

The wallet, when folded, measures 9x12 inches, and contains 10-envelope style see through rig sleeves. The outer is made from heavy-duty green material with the embroidered Fishrite logo, and has two well-stitched pullers, which allow you to open up the wallet easily. 

2cm wide stitched Velcro goes right around the edge of the inner, so it always closes up nicely, and there's plenty of grip when you seal it up. 

Looking at the inner, the ten sleeves are stitched five on each side, and again have Velcro sealers. The sleeves measure 6x9 inches, and have plenty of room to get all sorts of angling paraphernalia in there! 

It's worth noting that whilst it's called a rig wallet, it's quite a versatile piece of kit, so you could put pretty much anything in there with the sleeves being so big - whilst I've been using it I've been storing; rigs, hooks, licences, braids, and hook length materials, etc, etc. 

Whilst out on the bank I've seen a distinct change in the way that people keep all their tackle for carping over the last year or two, it seems that many are moving away from bulky, heavy, tackle boxes, preferring to store tackle in lightweight kit that's easily accessible during the session. 

I certainly have. On my pre-season tidy out I weighed my empty tackle box and was amazed when the scales settled at just under a kilo! I ditched it soon after in favor of kit like this; lightweight and durable - It's certainly made my 15-minute trek to the water with bag, bed chair, rods, and brolly that bit easier! 

The RRP for the rig wallet is £14.99, however, by ordering direct from this site you can buy it for just £5.99 - an exclusive offer to Anglers' Net!

For the best deal on this item visit the TrevsTacklewebsite (Any purchases though this link help support Anglers Net).