Anyone who makes their own boilies will know the importance of keeping a batch of bait fresh once made. Wrapping in bags or sealed containers for more than a day or two will usually result in the bait going sticky, followed by the onset of mould growth a few days later. 

Through the use of Air Dry bags this mould growth can be avoided, meaning that a batch of bait can last much longer. The idea is that fresh air is able to circulate through the small holes in the bag, slowly dehydrating the bait until the moisture is removed – thus the bait can be kept indefinitely. 

Another benefit of storing bait in air dry bags is that the outer casing of each individual bait becomes a hard shell, which helps immensely if fishing on waters where Crayfish or smaller nuisance fish cause you problems. 

In the past air drying has been mainly for those planning long sessions on the continent, but the method is becoming much more popular in the UK. For me it’s just a great way of getting the most out of the amount I spend on bait. 

I don’t really need to air dry baits for the waters I fish, but at the end of each session I’m usually left with quite a bit of fresh bait. I’m not one of those who likes to ball it all in at the end of a session – to me that’s just a waste. What I do is leave it in the air dry bag to stop it going off, then draw baits from it each time I pass any of my chosen waters in order to do a little pre-baiting before my next session �” which I’m sure has brought me a few extra fish.  

Fishrite’s Air Dry bag (FR112) is the perfect solution. Made from heavy duty airflow material, the bag can take around 5kilos of bait, though it’s important to remember that the more bait you pile in, the harder it is for the air to circulate properly. 

The bag measures 18 x 18” and features reinforced handles/straps that are well stitched and run right around the bag. The top has a zipper opening, and there’s also a strap and clip so you can hang the bait up during your session or whilst drying the bait. 

I made a couple of kilos of fresh bait the other week and tipped it all into the Air Dry Bag. I left it outside during the day and brought it in at night, and after just a few days, the bait was hardening off nicely. I found the bag very easy to use during a session and the little clip allowed me to hang it up in the bivvy overnight, keeping it well out of the way of any rodents who might be partial to a little Shellfish B5! 

The Hook bait Bag (FR153) is also a nifty little piece of kit. Like many carp anglers I make my hook baits separately from my free baits, and this little bag allows you to store over 100 14-16mm baits. 

Its made from the same airflow material as the larger bag, and has a drawstring cord running right around the top with a quick release toggle, so again, the bag can be hung in or around the bivvy during the session.  

As usual, Fishrite have priced both items very competitively; the larger bag selling at just £7.99, with the hook bait bag an amazing £2.99! 

For the best deal on this item visit the TrevsTackle website (Any purchases though this link help support Anglers Net).


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