Our Next Target; £150 For Angling Projects

Some of you will be aware that I had the idea of setting targets for building our Anglers' Net on Facebook presence, whilst helping out a few good causes along the way. Basically, I said that when we reached 2,500 members, I'd donate £100 from my own pocket to the RNLI. Then, at 5,000 I donated the same amount to Macmillan Cancer Support. Well, the time has come to reveal our next target.

When our fan page reaches 10,000 'likes', I will send £150 to Angling Projects.

Angling Projects has been dear to the hearts of many Anglers' Net members over the years, but if you don't know what it is, here's a brief idea of what it is about:

Angling Projects was set up in 1976 by Les Webber MBE (he was plain old Les Webber back then – the MBE came in 2008 for Services To Angling, not something that happens very often and a real testament to the good work Les has done for many, many years). It is a facility that aims to educate children to some of the potential dangers in life, such as drug abuse and crime, as well as teaching them some basic domestic skills and helps them to start on the path to becoming a responsible young adult. It does this through the medium of angling and helping to nurture their interest in our favourite hobby, by teaching them how to fish better and how to look after fish.

To get a better idea of what the Angling Projects centre does, please CLICK HERE. They can explain it a lot better than I ever will!

Angling Projects

I was aware of Angling Projects from the day I started Anglers' Net, way back in 1999. Many of our forum members cannot praise the place highly enough and I'm sure that many of them will be pleased to read this article you're reading right now. In fact, CLICK HERE to see a thread I've started on the subject and, if you like, add your own thoughts.

So, how can you help us achieve our target?
Helping us won't cost you a penny. If you haven't joined the Anglers' Net on Facebook page, please do so now on the link below:


Once you've joined, or if you are already a member, please use the 'Suggest to friends' facility on the left of that page to, well, suggest us to your friends. If you like, you are welcome to ask them to spread the word and tell them that we'll be doing donating £150 to Angling Projects when we reach the 10,000 mark.

Also, at the top and bottom of this particular article, you'll see a 'Like' button. Click on it and, assuming you're logged into your Facebook account, some of your friends may well take a look. Please note, however, that you need to 'Like' the page on Facebook itself to help us towards the 10,000 mark.

If you're not a member of Facebook, then you can't join us on there. That's fair enough – not everyone is a fan of Facebook. However, the chances are that a number of your friends and family are, so please mention this article when you email them next. Every bit of exposure helps.

Thanks for reading this far. I really do appreciate it.

Tight lines,

P.S. There's nothing to stop anyone else making a donation to Angling projects. Every penny helps and their contact details are on the website - http://www.angling-projects.org.uk/