Carp Fishing In The Snow…

I just had to share this photo with you, which was sent in by Craig Wassell of Hinckley. I think Craig might be giving the likes of Kevin Nash a run for his money soon...I mean, it doesn't get more cutting edge in the world of up-to-date bivvy design than this!

Here's what Craig had to say about his latest bivvy:

“Hi Guys,

The photo attached is me and my mate Jamie who went fishing, but out of sheer frustration of not being able to fish (because the lake was frozen) we decided to pass the time building a snow bivvy. It took us all day!!!

All the best you crafty carpers hope you had better luck than us,

Craig Wassell (Hinckley)”

Carp Fishing In The Snow
Carp fishing....eskimo style!


Personally, I think the pair of them are mad to even THINK about carp fishing in snow like that, but I take my hat off to them!! Let's hope that lake thaws out and you get your reward. If that bivvy's still standing when you do, it would make a great backdrop for the photos!

Tight lines,