Teach A Bird To Fish…

As anglers, we are fortunate to see wildlife closer-up than many other members of the public.

Over the years, I’ve seen some fantastic sights; Hobbies feeding off the hatch, a Kingfisher being chased across a lake by a Sparrowhawk (the Kingfisher survived…YAY!), a pike leaping out to almost catch a Reed Warbler, etc.

However, I doubt I’ll ever see anything quite as clever as this from our feathered friends!

Take a look at this video clip below, which shows a bird using bread as bait to try to catch its dinner.

Many of us anglers like to ‘catch one off the top’ and I bet those of you who do will watch this to the end, like I did!

Will he catch one? Click the ‘PLAY’ symbol to find out…