Dragon Carp Direct

A little while back, we were approached by Dragon Carp Direct and asked if there were any areas where we could work together. I found this quite exciting, as the Dragon Carp brands have been mentioned quite a lot over the years on our fishing forums and, despite their ridiculously low prices, the comments have generally been pretty favourable!

Not being familiar with their products and being rather overrun with work here right now, we suggested that they try to recruit a few of their customers to submit short reviews of some of their fishing tackle. A kind of “let's get the ball rolling” exercise.

I'm glad to say that Roger Surgay and his team did just that and, thanks to some furious editing by Richard Lee of Strike One Media, to whom I'm very grateful, I'm starting to upload a glut of these reviews to Anglers' Net.

So, if you've started to notice a tidal wave of Dragon Carp Direct fishing tackle reviews here lately, that's why. Once we've got these articles added and, maybe, the decks cleared of other work, we hope to feature even more of their huge range, including in-house reviews, news of their latest products, fishing tips direct from Dragon Carp and competitions. Keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, we'd just like to say a big 'HELLO' to all the Dragon Carp Direct team and hope that you enjoy your involvement with the Anglers' Net community, both on our website itself and also on the large Anglers' Net Facebook page.

Tight lines,

Elton Murphy

Dragon Carp Direct