Tank-Tested Frenzied Hemp, Anyone?

Every morning, I sift through various angling news items, most of which are repeats of the same old news and of not much interest. Now and again, however, one sticks out like a sore thumb as genuinely newsworthy. This is certainly one of them.

As you will see from this news article on the Rapala website, Rapala have purchased Dynamite Baits.

Most UK anglers will be well aware of Dynamite Baits. They have,for the past fifteen years, produced some of the finest ready prepared baits available for carp, coarse and match anglers. We featured their Frenzied Hempseed on Anglers’ Net way back in 2001 in this review.

I’m sure that, with Rapala’s financial backing, attention to product detail and expertise in distribution, Dynamite Baits will continue to go from strength to strength.

One thing’s for sure, the Rapala company looks set to be the proud holder of even more fish records across the globe. With Dynamite Baits in their portfolio, they can’t really fail.

Dynamite Baits


To view a range of Dynamite baits for sale, including Frenzied Hemp, Dynamite Monster Tiger Nuts, Frank Warwick Boilies & Pop-Ups, Big Carp Frenzied Feeder and more, CLICK HERE.

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