Ethan’s Big Barbel

We don't usually 'do' the 'big fish picture' thing here on Anglers' Net, simply because we don't have the time. We find it a lot simpler, in most cases, just to add the pictures to our Facebook gallery –

However, when a youngster catches a big fish, it's nice to go that little extra mile....especially when his dad has written out the catch report for us!

So, with out further ado, here's the report and a small pic of a young lad with a BIG barbel.

Congratulations, Ethan. That is a magnificent catch and will take some beating.

Tight lines,

Elton -

Report by Graham Peters

Ethan is 9-years old and has been fishing for about 5 years now, but this summer he has graduated off his telescopic rod onto a regular 9ft three piece. Previous best fish would have been about 1lb perch and roach from the canal and small pond on our caravan site in North Wales. The river Vyrnwy has a long stretch that runs through our caravan site and has a variety of fishing options, from rapids for trout and grayling to some deeper quiet pools for chub and often pike. Ethan was desperate for a “big fish” experience and had been pestering and pestering to go night fishing,  so I finally agreed and we then went digging for worms in the site's compost and earth area. We found plenty of mid-size worms, but about 3 or four quality size whoppers.

Armed with gear, rods, torches and supplies, we set off about 9.30 so we arrived with some light to set up etc. We chose a spot with stone beach opposite a bank of well established overhanging trees that we knew as a good deep pool, as it is where we have a rope swing for those rare sunny days in N. Wales. We baited up with cheese for a good few hours, then threw in a few of the mid size worms. We spent most of our time looking at the clear night sky full of stars and planes etc. At about midnight Ethan wanted to play his joker and put on one of the huge worms and cast out just upstream from the deep pool.

Within a couple of minutes, the rod which was just set up on a rod rest knocked down a fair way which gave Ethan quite a fright - the strike was delayed and whatever it was was gone as was huge worm number 1. He wouldn’t admit it, but I think he was actually having a little snooze. But fully awake now, he picked out another big worm and cast out again to the far bank. Within five minutes the rod was hit again, but Ethan was ready and struck hard, shouting “Dad!” as he did so. I had to grab the back of his coat, as he was stumbling forward into the shallows with rod in hand. He definitely wasn’t letting go and spent the next 5 minutes lifting the rod up and down and just about managing to reel at the same time.

Young angler with barbelWe were expecting a nice chub or battling pike, but were thrilled that it was such a great 6 1/2lb  barbel and, as you can see with the picture, he was thrilled. He was only gutted when we told him he couldn’t eat it, but we were glad as it was such a beautiful fish!

It is still the best fish of the summer from me, granddad and sister who all fish and no doubt it will be a long while until any of us beat Ethan’s great catch.