Word Of Mouth

I've just spent £95 on an item that, up until 6am this morning, I'd never heard of. In fact, if I hadn't been speaking to a fellow insomniac-workaholic at that hour, I'd still be sitting here in blissful ignorance.

And I'd have £95 more in my bank account!

The item I bought is a Sony Xacti CG10. If you don't know what that is and are curious, click here and you'll see a few for sale. However, what it is is irrelevant – it's how I came to buy it that's important.

After I ordered this item, I started thinking of the times I'd bought things after a friend had told me about them and, do you know what, just about everything I buy is the result of a personal recommendation! It may sound boring, but I rarely buy anything 100% off my own back. It's almost always because someone else told me it's good. I'm what old-style marketing gurus would probably describe as a 'Laggard' – I follow the late majority and am the last in the buying chain. In the old days, that meant I'd probably buy stuff that was really out of date. However, in today's fast-paced world, me lagging behind can still mean I'm buying an up-to-date product. My recently purchased iPhone is another example of this – it's hardly 'old fashioned', but I waited until a few friends had tried and tested them first!

So, what on earth has this got to do with fishing?

Well, I suppose it's a plea for any anglers out there to start using Anglers' Net as a base for exchanging details of things that they've recently bought and are pleased with.

We've had some good threads on the forums recently about stuff anglers have purchased online. Click here for one example. The level of knowledge and the way that information is freely exchanged in the forums is fantastic, and something I'm particularly proud of when people ask me about Anglers' Net.

From what I can gather, some websites don't allow links to external sites, especially shopping ones. Ebay, in particular, comes in for some stick. This has deterred some people from posting links on Anglers' Net before - I know this, because they've told me. How other people run their websites is none of my business and, frankly, it's good that we all do things differently. However, please let me make this expressly clear.....WE WOULD BE PLEASED TO WELCOME GENUINE LINKS TO PRODUCTS THAT ANGLERS ARE GENUINELY HAPPY WITH WITHIN OUR FORUMS!

If you've recently bought something you like, please give it a mention in the forums. It doesn't even have to be angling related – we have a 'non-fishing' forum. Quite often, some of our best discussions develop as a direct result of such posts.

Even if your purchase doesn't immediately generate much response, I can guarantee that it will help out a number of other anglers in the coming months, and isn't that what fishing's all about?

Tight lines,


P.S. If you're a seller reading this and thinking you'll now spam the forums with your own product, please bear in mind that most of the moderators have been with Anglers' Net since 1999. They've seen it all before!

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