Over £200 Of CC Moore Baits Up For Grabs

If you haven't 'Liked' the Anglers' Net page on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AnglersNet – then you will not only be missing out on some great banter and interesting photos, but also some fantastic competitions. And, in true Anglers' Net fashion, it's all FREE OF CHARGE!

This latest competition is a real cracker, with the following superb prizes supplied by CC Moore Ltd. They also have a great page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/CC-Moore-Co-Ltd/145304655506534. Last time I looked, they had 14,000 'Likes' and a page full of interesting content. Well worth a look.

Here's what they are supplying as prizes for our current competition:

1st Prize:

CC Moore Baits

  • 5kg CC Moore 15mm/18mm Boilies of your choice (Shelf life or Freezer Bait)
  • 5kg Matching Pellets
  • 1kg Matching Stick Mix
  • 250ml Matching Bait Dip
  • 1 pot Matching Glugged 12 x 16mm Hookbaits
  • 1 pot Matching Airball Pop Ups
  • 5kg Instant Spod Mix of your choice (http://www.ccmoore.com/instant-spod-mixes-c-8.html)
  • 500ml Liquid Betaine
  • 1 jar New Hi Viz Tigers - Tutti Frutti, Creamed or Pineapple.

The value of this is £115+

2nd and 3rd Prizes:

CC Moore Baits

  • 1kg Magic Carpet
  • 1kg Mini Ultramix
  • 1kg CC Moore 10mm Boilies of your choice (Freezer Baits) - http://www.ccmoore.com/boilies-freezer-baits-c-2.html
  • 1 pot Matching Glugged 12 x 16mm Hookbaits
  • 1 pot Mini Bitez 8mm Pop Ups
  • 1 pot Bloodworm Hookbaits
  • 500ml Liquid Bloodworm Extract

The value of these two prizes are £50+ each

To enter this great competition, please visit our page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AnglersNet

If you're reading this after the competition has closed, I'm sure there will be another one along shortly....

Good luck and tight lines!

Elton Murphy, Editor