You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Or, “How To Get Your Face On Anglers' Net”

Ever since Anglers' Net was launched as one of the UK's first all-encompassing fishing websites, way back in 1999, people have told us that they like the site. Certain parts of the site are liked more than others, and there are probably a few people who don't like anything all, but feedback has generally been pretty positive over the years.

I'd like to see now just how much certain articles are 'liked' and am hoping some of you will help.

On many pages of Anglers' Net, you will now see a Facebook 'Like' button. Assuming you have a Facebook account (over 500 million of you do, apparently), it would be great if you could use this button to share the best bits of Anglers' Net with your friends. As most of you will already know, pushing the 'Like' button simply posts to your Facebook newsfeed a comment saying that you like a page. All it takes is a click.

Now, as is painfully obvious, I am not a web designer. Never have been, never will be (In fact, I'm on the search for one, but that's a different story!). I kind of muddle through, but things are never quite how I want them, so just in case I haven't made the 'Like' buttons prominent enough, here are a few screenshots to help you locate them:

Like Button
'Like' button on an article. PLEASE NOTE: there should also be one at the bottom of the article!


Like Button
'Like' button on a forum post

So, what's in it for you?
Well, apart from my genuine appreciation (the Anglers' Net community have been good to me over the years and I never forget that fact), some of your friends may well also appreciate it if you share certain news items, articles, forum threads, etc. Some single pages on Anglers' Net get hundreds of thousands of hits alone, so they must have something on them worth sharing! Search engines are great, but a recommendation from a mate beats them every time.

Not only that, your Facebook profile picture will also show up on the page to any of your personal Facebook friends who are looking at the page on Anglers' Net. I think. (I told you I'm not great at this web-design stuff!). Give it a go and let me know!

More importantly, it may well help to grow our AnglersNet on Facebook page, which you can see here -

When we reached 2,500 members there, I said I'd donate some money to the RNLI. What I did, in fact, was set up an annual £100 membership. Then, I said I'd donate another £100 to MacMillan Cancer Support when we reached 5,000 members. This happened recently and, as a result, I'm £100 lighter and a superb charity is £100 better off. Our next milestone is 10,000 members and, this time, I've lined up a specific worthwhile angling cause to benefit when we achieve it. You'll be able to read about this in my next editorial piece, so please keep an eye on the 'Editorial' section of Anglers' Net for more details.

Anyway, that's it for now. A lot of words to say one simple thing;


In fact, why not give it a try now and 'Like' this page? Will it become the most 'Liked' page on Anglers' Net? We'll see...

Thanks for reading this far. I'll let you get back to baitrunners, beachcasters, stick floats, spey lines or whatever else floats your boat now.

Tight lines,


P.S. If you find a page you'd like to 'Like' and the 'Like' button isn't on it, please contact me and I'll see if I can sort it.