Exclusive interview with one of angling's best-known 'celebrities'

TV celebrity Matt Hayes has this week lifted the lid on his a new range of ‘technical tackle’ called Wild.

Speaking exclusively to Anglers Net, Matt says Wild is the culmination of 18 months work and will be the final brand he ever creates.

It is been three years since he had any involvement with his old TF Gear business and sees this new tackle as the final piece of the fishing jigsaw.

Matt said: “After TF Gear, I needed time to think about the fishing industry and how tackle was created and sold – that’s why I had numerous years without any involvements.

Matt Hayes 'Wild' Range“I wanted to look at fishing as two sectors – those who are mad-keen with vast experience and knowledge, and newcomers that can get intimidated by the complexities of angling.

“For the youngsters and ‘learners’ I created a brand called Matt Hayes Adventure – low price box kits and fun fishing rods that catch fish, but don’t cost a fortune and sow the seed for a future in fishing.

“Secondly, I needed tackle that I would use on a daily basis – more technical advanced equipment for all my fishing – whether that’s pike, carp, chub or barbel.

“Matt Hayes Wild fits that vision – it’s great quality and the range is growing all the time as I work to develop new ideas.

“I love the look of it, the performance is superb, and I really see it establishing itself as a major force. And, importantly, it’s affordable. Take the new tip rods – with the launch price reductions they cost less than £50 but if you can buy carbon at the right price, why make them more expensive? I want Wild to be the choice of fisherman because it represents quality at a price real people can afford.”

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Matt Hayes 'Wild' Range

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