Mr. Crabtree competition enters final few days…

As the Search for ‘Peter’ competition enters its final few days, and the first stage of sifting through the mountain of entries begins, Executive Producer Lester Holcombe reveals the secret to winning:

“It’s easy – just be yourself. We’re not looking for an actor – Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree is not a staged drama, there are no lines, no costumes and there’ll be no pretence.  We’re looking for kids who genuinely love angling, or the idea of angling – we’ve had a few entrants who’ve never picked up a rod in their life, but who desperately want to be given the opportunity to try.”

Fishing is a wonderful pastime for young people but it’s not always perceived as an easy sport to get involved in. Without a mentor many youngsters might not know where to start. In recent years there have been various positive initiatives designed to help, and Fishing in the Footsteps very much follows in this vein.

Mr. Crabtree competitionLester explains: “John Bailey is renowned in the angling community and, with his history as a school teacher, he represents the perfect mentor.  Throughout the series he’ll accompany our young charges and show them tips and techniques that can take years to master.

“Fishing in the Footsteps of Mr. Crabtree will go much further than most angling programmes.  Not only will it be beautifully shot and produced, showcasing the best of the British waterways and countryside, it will also clearly convey the truth about angling in great detail.   

“Many contemporary fishing series focus solely on the glory of landing the big catch.  As all anglers know, this is far from the whole story.  Of course we’ll be covering the catches, but we’ll also cover all of the intricacies inbetween.”

Any child between the ages of 8 and 14 can enter the Search for ‘Peter’.  See the website for more details –

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