Roger Surgay – Dragon Carp Direct – Video Interview

I recently had this interview on YouTube brought to my attention. It's worth a look, as it throws up some interesting 'questions', if you believe everything that is said – tackle companies breaking the law, the exact same tackle being sold by different companies with huge price differences and more....

Roger Surgay is the man behind the company called Dragon Carp, which must be the biggest retailer of fishing tackle in the UK, so whatever you think of him, personally, there's no doubting that he does know what he's talking about and that he is a major figure in the UK fishing tackle industry. Some others like to put themselves on a pedestal, often alluding to be bigger players than they really are, but Surgay is the real deal.

Have a look for yourself by clicking the 'PLAY' symbol below. You may like him, you may not. You may not even be that bothered about forming an opinion. I bet, though, that there's at least one comment in this interview that provokes a response from you. If it does, please join us over on our Facebook page – – and let us know.

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