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    Alas the ability to read and comprehend what others have written is not a strong point for some. I do try not to bother nowadays as really theres just no getting past those massive blinders but sometimes I can't resist the temptation to try. must be useful at times to be able to blissfully ignore what is going on in the surrounding world and live in ones own little fairy story.
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    Thanks for all the kind comments. She's well on the road to recovery now, thank you. 7-days locked away, but still rough for a few days when she was out. We can only assume it was coronavirus, obviously, but it did seem to tick the boxes. Scared the life out of the poor girl, but she's been one of the lucky ones.
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    It’s not dead, it’s pining for the fjords...
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    I've just sent an email to the marina company to see if they can help.
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    Glad Mrs Elton is well on the mend. We've just received our free food parcel this morning, tinned tomato soups, tinned tomatoes, rice, coffee, tea bags, pasta & sauce, apples & satsumas, tuna, cereal & long life milk & a fray bentos pie, bread, toilet rolls, baked beans, soap & toiletries. All top of the range ie Heinz etc.
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    Hoorah ,thats great ,wish her well from your tame contrarian and yourself of course sir Still no response to PM sent to vagabond
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    No that's what is in withdrawal agreement act ratified by parliament on Jan 29th this year and the EU on the 30th of Jan A no deal brexit is still the default position should no trade agreement be reached by Dec 31 2020 and no extension is agreed (which has to be done by July 1st).
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    I had a phone call from my GP this morning advising us to sleep in separate beds, separate bathrooms (we only have the one) Wife is using disposable vinyl gloves to push supermarket trolley then dumping them. All - Stay at home if possible & flatten the curve!!
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    Blimey sorry to hear that Elton ,best wishes to you and your family and a quick recovery to all
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    My sincere best wishes to you all Elton. It's a very scary time indeed.
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