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  1. Best thing to do, is use the same tackle shop, as he will get to know you, find out his days on delivery, and when you go down, as for the ones that came in that day. any good honest tackle shop will see you alright, as he will value your custom week in week out. Due to my hours, i cant get to tackle shops, but i use the same one, phone him, let him know what i need, and make a list out for one of my staff who go along. they know my staff, and my notes and i get top fresh quality baits, fishing gear, and a little discount because i only use him. get to know your tackle shop, online
  2. pure quality. My mother does a similar thing when they phone up for conservatories, she lets them go all through there script, and she always sounds very interested, you can hear the guy getting excited, he then asks can we send someone round to survey and give the estimate, she says no problem. She then tells him her address, and then says thats on the 10th floor. she lives in a multi storey block of flats lol. they usually hang up, sean
  3. that one was on here about a month ago. sean
  4. Talking about two rods going off, i was watching a kevin ________s DVD i picked up from the local cheap shop, thought it was worth a watch, as im just starting to get into carp fishing. it was a carp dvd. Anyway, he had landed a 10lb carp, and unhooked it on the mat, and was showing the cameras as they do. his second rod went of and he struck into that fiah leaving the other carp on the unhooking mat. While playing that carp for a while, he bunddled the other carp into a weigh sling, and put this in the waters edge, about 5in deep. and then continued to land the other fish. the
  5. Have a look on ebay, i bought a good size 2 man TF Gear NEW Stormshell Bivvy, i got it brand you for £48.00, had it up, and its great for the price, will do me a few years. Just an idea, hope it helps
  6. Just curious, as you said bait your swim, leave your rod, its your swim, then go looking for a another likely swim, to try and find the fish. I have 2 licenses, so is it ok for me to set up bait up 3 smims, leave a rod on each, not in the water. and then go roving with my fourth rod. cover all bases as they say. I think not, bait up when you first get there, set your gear up, have a cup of tea or what ever, if you feel the need to wait a bit longer. fishing is a challenge, pick your swim, then pit your wits, and your exeperince and fish the swim you have chosen. much more satisfy
  7. I think someone has a good idea going, there are alot of members on here who have said they would help, lets not turn it into a joke shop, but see what we can do. we have all been asked for help, not posted a subject to have a laugh at, if your going to post, please post your location and the willing to help. sean
  8. Hi mate, im from sunderland, moved to london couple years ago. there is some good river fishing on tyne and the wear when you get inland, there is one place i know of in newcastle, which is supposed to be not to bad, its the name i know how to say but not spell, "the leas" is the way its said. but your in a sea fishing area mainly mate, for clubs and that. If you have a day free, get over to sunderland. there is a good lake there with everyhting in it, i fished it 10 years, and tell you how to fish iiiit well. got carp, bream, tench cruican, roach, some very good perch. only a coupl
  10. you got it all wrong. I dont watch the weather, no need to, i ask the wife if she is off to the shops today. If she says yes, i know i can fish in that weather. if she says no shes staying in, i know theres a storm on its way, and dont touch my fishing gear lol sean
  11. I think this is a great idea what you are all doing. But may i make a suggestion to the powers that be (ELTON). what is needed is a page, or an area on anglers nets, where those who are happy togive there service can just leave there name and location, so when something needs to go from one place to another. a route can be planned, by just looking up anglers net members, emailing them all on that route, and within no time, the item is on its way and we can beat royal mail lol. sean
  12. The feed back, is really only important to the seller, not the buyer. Also, the feed back has got out if hand, even if someone has had a bad transaction, they are reluctant to leave bad feed back, as bad feed back will come there way as well. so many bad transactions, now go, with no feed back given, its better not to leave a negative feed back, sean
  13. s_mac


    Ive heard it all now, just on the radio here the other day, they were advertisng folic acid pills, for woman to take if they are thinking of having a baby, and while pregnant. I know newts not thinking of having one, lol, not yet anyway. but who knows newt lol. sean
  14. Joking aside though, if there is a pike fish in, i would be grateful if you could all let me know, as i would love to come along and watch and get some advice. I want to get into pike fishing through the winter months, but want to do it right. thanks sean
  15. I just had a brain wave, first for 30 years lol. I know you lot going to have fish in, and some of you use, spratts, sardines, mackeral tails and the likes. Im a fish monger and can get these cheap, i might walk along the bank with my tray, like they do at cinemas with ice cream and hot dogs at sporting events and shout sea baits, get your sea baits. lol sean l
  16. s_mac

    Fish ID -?

    Best of luck newt. let me know when it goes on, i would be interested in watching how you get on. Might buy it myself to open my bottles of beer, while i browse anglers net lol. sean
  17. Had the same trouble as you when i joined, but after the 15 posts, its off you go on the best place on the net, sean
  18. s_mac

    Fish ID -?

    I Really think its something newt has made in his garage, look at the name next to it lol. Newt, you must stop signing your master peice. gives the game away lol sean
  19. Good luck to them all, he has come here, a better life, he wont take anything from public funds, it wont cost us anything as tax payers. So wish them all the very very best of luck sean
  20. Just looking at the 3 pics, the first one he has a track suit on with grey shirt underneath The second pick, he has taken his track suit top off to reveal a blue T shirt The third pic has him back in his track suit with grey T shirt. Wonder why this was?????? sean
  21. has anyone one thought about global warming, i know, we are sick of hearing that term. but this year has been the hottest on record since the 1600s i believe by 2 degrees. Im no expert on fishing, and i dont want to see anything killed or culled. I just think from time to time, due to climate, we see an explotion of some sort in the animal world, whether it be ants, wasps, bees what ever. Is it not possible that it also happens under water, with water temps. most of the above, settle back down the following year or so. so would it not be a good idea to wait a year or two, see w
  22. can some one just put me right about bob nudd. In my early days of fishing, his name is the name i always heard, world champ and the likes, at what level is he at now. sean
  23. hi my my wife has her own comp as i do, but just lately keeps getting a box coming up that her virual memory is low. can anyone let me know what this means and how to fix the problem. regards sean
  24. If you find my jacket let me know lol. thats a great post sean the art of predator fishing is..stealth, not being seen, the concentration, the anticipation, being ready to go, at a moments notice. yeah right after a 6 pack lol. sean
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