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  1. Just read through all the posts, im a fairly novice fisherman, who has fished for 30 years, had a 3 year break, and started again, and taking it more seruously with all the new stuff out there. First of all, do we really have the right to decide what we kill, because something spoils our enjoyment, i could understand killing or culling something, because you and your children have no food on the table. Also, we are anglers, and are commited to the care and welfare of our waters, and the fish they contain. Just another point if carp were eating all the food during bad times and other sm
  2. Just wondered if he was away, he has not posted on non fishing for 2 days lol. thats not like him is it, lol. sean
  3. i have played a game or two, not sure of hadicap, but had twenety lessons off a pro last year, still slicing the dam thing though, so went back to what i do best fishing lol. why do you ask. you fancy a round or two. sean
  4. its the only way to send fax from your comp, with a 56 modem and the software, which has the fax printer to convert your document while opening the programme at the same time to send via a fax. I would look around at the modem, the best to buy is a 56 modem that has supervoice programme for the fax, it also comes with answer machine and storage of messages, very good, have used that for a few years, but now have a fax phone. like someone said, you can them for a tenner, most comp shops do them sean
  5. i was asking about the over 21s not the little league you watch, but maybe a team for the future in a few years time, hope your fantasy league team works out sean
  6. England as a team have started as bad as we know and have come to expect with a new manager, yet we have the best players in the world at our finger tips. Im just curious to know what would be your starting 11. just to start it off as i have not picked my team yet, but i would stillhave becham in there as captain, for what he brings to the team , through his ability, leadership, and how the younger players look up to him. regards sean
  7. Well in my opinion, we have an unbalanced team. a year ago, we have the best team in the world, but the worst manager. and as every new manager has to do, is make changes, to show authority and gain respect, but through that results has to come. and they are not. my opinon is that he has left the best player and motivator of the team out, which is becham, we have lost many games through players loosing their cool at crutial points. I wonder what team we would all pick if we were the manager of england, and how it would match up. sean
  8. s_mac

    Bird ID

    I know know nothing about birds, well the feathered kind, but to me the one on the left and the one on the right look similar and the one in the middle looks the odd one out sean
  9. Im with you on this one paul, i started carp fishing and was advised as you said. i use at least a 2lb lesser hook length than my main. and i hope if i do have a snap off, that it will go at the hook knot. sean
  10. But if every carp was interested in the hook bait, then we would get bored catching them...the lure of the carp, is that we always think about them, how we can improve our chances, and how we can fish baits that look like there natural food, the same goes for any fish. thats the sport, the challenge we all love and gets us hooked as they say. sean
  11. quality find janet. regards sean
  12. aol had been left behind, the main reason, selling there dial up connections, and your time on the net was unlimited, with a 7 hour cut off and reconnect policy, against many others who at the time has 2 hours. There own member stuff, chat rooms and the likes, to many people got settled in what they new and trusted. while other companies moved forward with broadband, at the same price as their dial up connection package was. sean
  13. A gentleman star in the making....now he will be the brightest star in heaven. my very best wishes to his family. R.I.P Paul. Sean
  14. I have lived both north and south, and i think the state is true, because of the life styles, caused by what is called the north south devide. I know this will cause alot of disagreement, but it comes down the the private house owner and the council house owner. The further north you go, there is more council properties than lets say in London. i come from the north east and the place i lived was approx half council and half private. the further south you go the less council and more privately owned or privately rented accomadation. this leads onto the argument of unemployment, on
  15. I dont think, realistcly that any downloading of music is legal unless, you have prepaid., or are paying a subscription to download. but i may be wrong. sean
  16. Hi simon, i was a dry cleaning shop manager, and cleaned many leathers, but some with paint on them. and many other run of the mill stains. Unfortunatley, i dont know whether you will find a cleaner that could do it in time, or gurantee to remove it. Rubbing alsorts of chemicals into the leather will either ruin the leather itself, or leave you with colour fading spots. My advice, to be totaly honest, is go for a new one, the cost of cleaning will start you at a min of £35.00 and the maybe more to replace a panel that has paint on it. so maybe it might be as well to keep your leat
  17. I posted a topic on why my local police station closed at 5pm, and why cctv was always trainned on bus lanes during the day time. There was an incident at 5pm tonight, not far from where i live, a gang had started a fight with another gang at a local bus station, 2 people were knifed i wonder where those cameras where facing while everyone at that time was on there way home from work, and this happened. sean
  18. I agree with what long trotter said about the care, forget the community for a minute, the police hands are tied in these situations. Im going to throw a spanner in the works here., these people could be dealt with, the money is there, but most of it is taken up by people on incapacity benefit, who could work, but get paid, care allownace, they get a car, there rent paid, there council tax paid, but deep down alot of them could work, and to be honest, we all know someone who is probably conning the system. i agree there are many, many people who cant work, and need the help and support th
  19. Thanks newt lol. dont have sky or cable, not planning to take the computer, got some nice camping pans and kettle, so dont need the kictchen sink. lol. have found one now guys, got a pm off one of the members, got myself sorted now, thanks to all who gave good advice. and thanks to newt for his advice. made me laugh newt, like your taser gun. god im still laughing at that one.. anyone who has not read that post by newt, go have a look. on non fishing chat, its the best ive heard. sean
  20. Thanks nic, will have a look now. sean
  21. I looking to buy a carp bivvy, pref a two man one. there are so many out there that im a bit lost in which is really a decent one, im looking to spend around £100. can anyone give me some good advice. thanks. sean
  22. I looking to buy a carp bivvy, pref a two man one. there are so many out there that im a bit lost in which is really a decent one, im looking to spend around £100. can anyone give me some good advice. thanks. sean
  23. I would just like to say, that my heart and soul goes out to the amish families of those who are injured and those who have died. My thougths and prayers are with those families. THEY WERE JUST CHILDREN, NO MATTER THEIR BACKGROUND OR BELIEFS SEAN
  24. Im just sad, because the canal i fish, i had 3 bream over 3lb sunday morning, i unhooked them carefull, held it in the water until it was ready to swim off, got its photo. but i know the guy next to me would have taken and bagged that. i want to catch the same fish next year when it has grown a little, kiss it on the lips, and say "see you next year" I come from the northeast, and moved to the london area a year ago, there is none of this up there, its not heard of. sean
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