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  1. The fly only thinking is really only prevalent in the UK, Bait and lure fishing for game fish is the norm in Scandinavia, also some methods not seen in the UK are used, for example Fly Spinning, they use a lead weight encased in plastic that leaves a bubble of air this has the effect of bouncing along the bottom with out holding bottom, a leader is fished of the weight with a fly attached, this is all fished on a rod and multiplier reel. The fly is bounced through heavy flow rivers and you can search quite well all swims, behind boulders etc..., very effective and totally acceptable. Lure
  2. In my copy of "EARL OF LONSDALE AND ERIC PARKER Fine Angling For Coarse Fish (The Lonsdale Library Volume IV) 1930 first edition" on pag 124 it quite clearly shows a pearshaped pasteroster lead with a swivel. the rig is set up for live baiting for perch, this is to all intents is an arsley bomb. so 1930 is the earliest refrence I have in a book, but I am sure its much earlier.
  3. Chester let me ask you one question; would you be prepared to back a UK Government that was involved in the ethnic cleansing of the UK population?
  4. polaris floats are made by ultrafloats, coventry and are sold online on behalf of Untra floats by http://www.mullarkeys.co.uk/fishing/Coarse...laris-products/ They carry the full range of polaris. Top bit of kit by the way.
  5. I have eaten most type’s pf course fish. I have no problem with taking one or two home to eat. I have not done so for about 6 years but might do at some time in the future. Having said that I was in Dorset last week and enjoyed some nice mackerel and Pollack that I caught. It is perhaps a question of wear you were raised I am a Warwickshire country boy and fish do get eaten around these parts. Always have always will. I guess if you live in the center of Birmingham you might not have the same local culture or habits, the fish out of gas street basin in Birmingham would not seem quite so A
  6. well I got my reel today, anyone own one of these and what do you use it for? cheers
  7. I fish for Zander with live bait, I have to say it’s by far the best method, far better than deads, wobbled or lures. I catch a lot of good sized perch also. I always use a float rig slider with a single circle hook on a wire trace. I find the best live baits are bleak about 4 to 5 inches long. I always catch my live bait as required, i.e. I catch one and fish it and perhaps catch one in reserve. I don’t stock pile live baits. I can tell you I have fished a swim for hours with a dead, wobbled or float fished and not had a take, then I have put on a live and have had instant action and
  8. Im pleased it worked well for you, now my secret ground bait is no longer secret It reaqly is good, I find that the spicey ones work best in the colder months, the custard one works will in the summer and coco also has its days in the summer, plus your hands smell nice after
  9. I think the ban should go ahead with the following proviso No Swan will be permitted to leave the area, if seen on other parts of the river it can be shot and eaten. (without asking HRM) All canoes and small boats must remain in this area otherwise the above applies to them too. All dog walkers must insure there dog **** only in the area were the fishing ban applies All users of this stretch of water will be charged a fee similar to the fisherman’s rod licence and or must pay a fee each time they use the water All Local industries (management and staff) in the area
  10. I seen to currently have most of my tackle in the car!! There is no room for anyone else. I have to unload the car and pack everything away in the raffters of the roof of the garage when we go out as a family. I like having it in the car it means I am always ready for the off and have been know to stop and have a fish when it was not planned. Car is now a mobil fishing tackle storgae area.
  11. Hear is my reciept for ground bait for bream, roach and tench Stale bread, white or brown or mixed. (seeded breads are really good) ask your local bakery. I use a food processor (robcop) grind the bread to a powder. peanuts (from the garden center, sold as wild bird food) These are also ground up not as fine as the bread, this lets out a nice oil slick when throw in the water. I then use diffrent flavorings depending on thet ime of year, venue or fish targeted Custard Powder Chilli powder Curry powder Tandori spice mix coco powder (or drinking choclate) I then mix these indrd
  12. Ive been catching a lot of eels from the warwickshire Avon, all good sized fish but I have not caught a bootlace eel for over 10 years now, you used to catch them all the time on maggots or worm. It seems there is a genaration gap.
  13. I would have said, I work for the EA and could you please show me your licence for moving fish. I would have asked "is this an official action being taken by the club and can I have the club sectaries contact details" I think you might have found him back peddling rather fast. He might think again before giving out such instruction
  14. A few points Firstly I was fishing for Zander, I caught a pike about 6lb, as I was returning it an angler who was barbel fishing further up the bank came over and told me it is Illegal to fish for pike before september1, I told him that this was not the case and that some club water have this as a bylaw but it is not illegal, I also pointed out I was fishing for Zander. H e was very arsey and rude; I felt there was no need for his aggressive manner. The session was quite good a couple of good size perch around the 1.5lb mark were caught during the hotter part of the day and a few small j
  15. As someone who is currently in the process of being separating from my wife Fishing has been given as one of the reasons our relationship no longer works!. I have always fished before marrage during marrage and it will be after i am single. I am deeply upset about the pending seperation but I am a fisherman, I can't stop being thats just who I am. I am married for 14 years and in all that time it was never mentioned a a problem, I felt like a lucky guy that my wife seemed happy for me to wonder off fishing, I did limit myself to one or twice a week. So guys you just don't know perhaps
  16. "I always considered them to be the true British variety" Reading my 1930 "fine Angling for Coarse fish" by Alban F L Bacon, The Lonsdale Library He says all carp varieties are not indigenous to this country but were introduced to the UK during the fourteenth and fifteenth century with the first known reference to crucain being 1496. I wonder if the different variations are the same species but differing under local conditions, i.e. food available, water temperature, body of water etc… It could be that there were differences when they were introduced from France or Belgium or which eve
  17. I have nearly always found that if you keep feeding maggots and caster into you swim, the bigger fish will move in and push the smaller fish out, The only question is how long before the bigger fish move in. Sometimes it takes Half an hour other times 4 hours or more!!
  18. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Pike Nice made into a mousaline then quennneled and served poached with a lobster sauce Perch are very tasty as are eels (smoked are the best) Carp is reasonable, better if smoked Tench Blaaaaaaa, just don't do it Roach and Rudd dried and salted believe it or not are not bad, served as a snack to eat with beer Bream, just don't do it terrible Gudgen are good, dipped in flour and fried. Cat fish steaks are unbelievably Good, firm flesh and very very tasty Zander are fantastic better than Bass Lamprey jelled is to die for Smelt grilled is amazing Bleak roe is
  19. I arrived at the Avon in Stratford at 2pm, most of the barbel swims were taken, And there were quite a few match type fisherman using the pole or waggler set ups. (I have not seen these types of anglers on this stretch for a long time) It did seem to be more anglers than normal on opening day Someone had taken out two of the best swims by sinking there narrow boat, it was half in and half out the water with the end in the water sunk. It had broken a mooring in last week’s high water. Anyway I was after Zander, so I made my way to a swim I have had success on before. First problem was
  20. You could join the Stratford angling club or the BAA (Birmingham Angling Association) Also there is plently of day ticket water on the Avon. What fish are you targetting? if you let me know I could give you some better info.
  21. well the avon is looking ok, we had a little rain last night and today but nothing like early last week, lets hope it stays that way as the river will be perfect. Really can't wait now, I have sunday planed as tackle sorting day, with a trip to the local tackle shop on satuaday to top up on some bits and bobs. Its like a count down, need to get friday out the way and then each day I will do somthing to contribute to the first day.
  22. Hi I would recommend using a waggler float with the shot fished shirt button style; make sure your float is as small as possible. Depending on the depth of water, I would fish no deeper than 6 feet in deep water and even as shallow as 3 feet in shallower water when you cast feather the line so the whole rig lands in a straight line, fire out 12 maggots before each cast land your rig in the area, your bait will fall slowly throw the maggots you fired out and hopefully be taken on the drop, let the float settle if its not taken, leave for a few minuets, if no bite, retrieve and repeat. You wi
  23. wow I have never seen a barbel that coluor, are they all like that were you caught it?
  24. Is your key board sticky, you seem to be repeating letters!!! Sorry I don't live in your area so can't recommend anywere.
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