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  1. Thanks for the tips. Seaview a nice little jaunt from Bembridge! I will have a try and let you know what success I have. Hi ho hi ho hi ho it's off to fish I go... :cool:
  2. Hi. I am holiday next week, live on Isle of Wight, Bembridge, was wondering if anyone has seen any decent bass in? I have a new boat, only a dory so don't want to go too far out and want to see what I can catch. Anyone any luck?
  3. Use a larger hammer
  4. I come through Milford station each day on the train on the way from Portsmouth to Guildford. I have a question for you all. There is a beautiful looking fishery near the station. It almost makes me want to get my coarse gear out again... My question is this, two fold. Why is there hardly ever anyone there and is it any good? (I am aware thta the 2 answers may be related!) Ta. Mark
  5. MarkV


    Baitpumps! Now what is that all about? I seen them advertised with the ads saying things like they make your life easier. What do you do with them? (Careful now!) Stick in in the ground, couple of pumps and the worms get blown to the surface or something? The pictures I seen just look like a cosh with a bit sticking out the side. Please enlighten me. Ta
  6. For a moment I thought you meant you had a tattoo of onions! It takes all sorts.....
  7. You're building the 1000's of overpriced houses that lead to people taking on mortgages they can barely afford (6 & 7 X joint salaries!!!). The low interest rates only fuel the borrowing fire as people are encouraged to go further and further into debt.The A level fixing scam also smells of corruption at the top, Estelle Morris is accused of affecting the results and now I hear on the radio this morning the gov't has failed to reach it's targets for 11 year olds. Why are so many students supposedly failing? Did not the gov't promise to increase teachers pay in accordance with exam results?
  8. have a look herehttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/sci_te...002/2246936.stm
  9. Sunday 8th September I thought it was time I took my 6 year old daughter fishing. I bought her a "get it all for £9.99" kit. Whippy rod with unlined, insufficient rings, clunky reel and naff monofil. We went to the lifeboat pier in Bembridge with a bucket of worms left over from my trip to the harbour the day before. "We will go for an hour or so" I told her and bought a car park ticket for 2 hours to give us some setting up time. 2 and a half hours later we run out of bait. She has caught, no let me tell you my total first. I get 2 fish, one bass and one wrasse. She catches 25. Yes, 25 fish,
  10. Isn't spraying ddt a bit un-environmental? So, the hunt sab people are not averse to killing animals. How can people make a distinction between one animal and another?
  11. FastWind or The Hammer
  12. I used to fish using Abu spoons, never found anything to better them. Bit expensive but worth it. Now I am back near the sea I have been looking around for some more. But there are none to be found. The site in the USA has rods and reels only, the Swedish site is closed and the UK one doesn't exist. Can anyone shed light on where I can get hold of any?
  13. I voted yes, but I agree with DavidP, there should always be a "skip this bit" button.
  14. MarkV


    Load up sprats with alkaselzas and try to persuade them to eat them. Do they eat dead fish or only live ones?
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