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  1. Here's a chance to win this great prize from Pallatrax. All you have to do is answer one simple question to enter the draw to win the following: 400g 14mm shelf life Jungle boilies. 400g 18mm shelf life boilies. Jungle Glug. Jungle over spray. Jungle 14mm pop ups. Jungle shelf life paste. http://fishkeep.net/competitions Good luck
  2. How about hiding in your toilet cistern?
  3. Nice fish m8, maybe a little less 12lb 9oz 3dms ?
  4. Until it turns the milk chocolaty
  5. Make some panpipes and talk in riddles, like the character off Little Britain. Or was that a flute? make one of those too
  6. Postage: £11.99 - Economy Delivery - Estimated within 8-10 working days
  7. If you wish to let us know about any news at a fishery, for example catch reports, matches, conditions etc. You can email us direct; venues @ fishkeep.net We will update the site accordingly in the appropiate section. You can use this email address as well for letting us know about any new Fishing Venues You can of course use the forum too if your already registered.
  8. rating and reviews http://fishkeep.net/reviews/venues/coarse/...-farm-fisheries
  9. Was this you by any chance?
  10. I couldnt think of anything worse than putting a plastic worm on my hook...wait, maybe a plastic maggot.
  11. love that, a sore loser no doubt
  12. streuth! how much are the spare spools?
  13. Havent tried pepperami, but if the fish like it as much as me then it would get gobbled up straight away. I suppose the fat content would effect the bouyancy?
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