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  1. Undoubtedly a magnificent fish but was it really necessary to chap it on the head? Wild Brown Trout of that size are rare creatures and should be preserved.
  2. An invertebrate rising from the river bed to the surface to hatch is a major trigger for a fish. Holding back suddenly will make your bait behave in this manner and can result in an aggressive bite!
  3. Nicholas S

    My new camera

    Well done Rusty, a cracking Perch! I still haven't encountered mr 3lber. How come you didn't use the drop shotting gear?
  4. Good thanks Steve! Yep Trevor is partly to blame but I've been following the thread on here and that also got me intrigued. I've just started a new job so I've moved back to Reading! Working for a Danish Energy company so at the moment I'm working in Copenhagen but back most weekends and will soon be working in London. Should make it easier to meet up for an overdue session though Plenty of fishing stories to report too, caught some fantastic Grayling recently What you up to on the weekend of 12/13th Nov?
  5. Would loved to have joined you guys this weekend but unfortunately I'm tied down. Just bought a drop shot rod too! Looking forward to hearing how you get on. N
  6. Nicholas S

    Back in business

    Terrific report Chris. You are indeed back in business by the sounds of things, very glad to hear it! Cracking Chub, even more special when it's caught trotting. N
  7. What a day Tigger, well done! Good to know that the rivers in your part of the country are in good health and the fish are prospering. N
  8. Well done Ian, really enjoyed the report and the pics! Catching one Barbel on the pin is hard enough but you seem to make it sound positively easy! Nice brownie and Roach as well. N
  9. Fantastic Rusty, well done! Love the pre-baiting device! Never caught a Barbel on the pin, I will have to give it a go soon. N
  10. Sounds like a good days fishing! That ST looks really fresh, real bar of silver. Lovely Barbel too! N
  11. Nice one Steve, a cracking run of Perch! I would love a big Thames Perch this season, it seems like there's never been a better time to catch one. N
  12. Sounds like a great opening day Chris! Interesting to hear that you caught 2 Grayling so far down. I would be very surprised if they have been stocked. More likely something to do with the opening of the Lambourn perhaps? Certainly hope they manage to establish themselves.
  13. A great write up as always Chris. Really evoked the magic of the opening of the season. I'm guessing that's a nice sized Chub lurking in the water in your pic?
  14. Nicholas S

    Wingham Trip

    Terrific write up Rusty and WHAT a Tench!!! A fine reward and a real beauty too. Well done, that is a fish of a lifetime! N
  15. I used drennan 'feeder braid' a couple of seasons ago and it was awful so I'm not surprised you've binned it. I now used powerpro for my feeder fishing, it may not say 'feeder braid' on the packet but it works just the same and is far superior to the Drennan braid. N
  16. Yes I would definitely take up the membership! Expensive, maybe, but definitely worth it to fish such a lovely lake. Not sure why they don't mention Carp on the website, there are definitely quite a few carp in there (some of them pretty sizeable) - I saw plenty when I walked around the lake a year or so ago! N
  17. Well done Chris, a great result! The Carp you caught is a fine specimen, exactly the shape and colour you want all Carp to be! Nick
  18. I'm not sure these large Trout are escapees. Does anyone know of a fish farm that regularly grows Trout to that size that is located close enough to the banks of the Lambourn to allow the fish to somehow 'escape' and end up in the river?! My guess is that they are fed like pets on the private stretches of the Lambourn (with gardens backing onto the river) when the owners feed the ducks and grow to massive sizes on a diet of bread! One day they decide to go for a little explore and end up getting caught in the town stretches. A lot of them are caught on floating bread which is perhaps further proof. Also, the majority of the large fish that I have heard about/seen pics of are all Browns! Although it's not obvious, the fish in Steve's pic is actually a Brownie. Also, the massive fish that was caught below the weir was also a Brownie Steve! I think that people assume a large Trout has to be a Rainbow and also an escapee. These fish get caught regularly enough throughout the season to not be 'escapees'. Also, perhaps we shouldn't be advertising this too much on an open forum - might attract the wrong crowd to the river...
  19. Terrific Anderoo and thoroughly deserved. It seemed a 7lber was going to come your way at some point with the run you have had but to catch it just before the end of the season is a wonderful way to sign off. I've loved reading about your campaign and I hope there is more to come next season! Well done!! N
  20. Sorry for the late reply on this thread - I have been v busy for the past few days, sadly not fishing related. Anyway, what a wonderful day Saturday was, fine weather, obliging fish, amazing venue and great company. Big thank you to Rusty for taking the time and effort to organise everything. Really enjoyed meeting everyone on the day, my only regret being that I think that there were still some people who I somehow missed during the say but hopefully the opportunity will come on the next fish-in. Two remarkable fish were caught - Anderoo's fine Roach and Arbocop's massive Grayling, both cracking fish - well done! Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure Arbocop's Grayling must be the largest Grayling caught at the LIF this season and possibly even in recent years! It seems now a 2lb fish from there is quite a rarity which puts Arbocop's fish in context. I managed my best Grayling from the LIF (weight varied from 2lb to 1lb13oz depending on whose scales it was weighed with!) which I was pleased with along with a nice 4lb Chub but despite trying to emulate Anderoo and catch a large Roach it wasn't to be, I will certainly be putting in a more concerted effort next time! N p.s. Great catch Tony - was that you I met at the top end of the fishery - you had just received a soaking after jumping into the river to land a nice Chub? - dedication!
  21. Yes Grayling definitely like Bread so feeding it in will definitely not put them off. The only problem is Trout seem to have a suicidal preference for bread so if you put too much in you will attract Trout and they can be quite aggressive scaring the other fish from the swimm. Wouldn't bother trying for Barbel Tony, very few there and not easy to catch. If it's your first time I would just take the trotting rod, couple of pints of maggots and some bread and roam around so that you can see as much of the venue as possible during the day. N
  22. Brilliant once again Anderoo!! The average size of the Chub on your stretch is quite astonishing, I'm sure a 7lber will come along soon! Well done on a new pb, great result. N
  23. Very jealous sat in the office having just read that Rusty!! Have a great time! N
  24. Wow, sounds like some nice fish were caught! I had heard that there were a few Carp in there but only heard a few stories of them actually being caught (more often seen swimming around). Did you catch it trotting? Must have put up a good fight in the fast current! N
  25. Nicholas S

    An unexpected treat

    Lovely write up Chris, and some lovely pics - that last one is a beauty. Sounds like a really enjoyable days fishing. Looking forward to catching up with you and Steve on Sat!
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