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  1. No.2 looks suspiciously like what I would call a 'tucked half blood knot' over here. But what do I know, I've only just progressed from velcro strapped shoes !
  2. Lightly fry the cubes in oil mixed with spices of your choice ( Curry powder, Paprika, etc ), drain off on paper towel and leave to cool. If preparing in advance, pop in the freezer and remove to fridge the night before you go. The thawing process draws the flavours in even more and the frying has given it a tougher skin for a better hook/hair hold.
  3. She looks a beauty Tiggs, you must have put in your order when you were 14
  4. "Glad you like the posts Bartman, we could do with a few others posting how they get on on their outings etc, no need to mention any names of waters....I don't." I thought I had your gorgeous little river sussed at one point Tiggs then another pic blew that theory out of the water, unless of course you chucked in a red herring !! It truly looks an idyllic stretch and for all those wonderous reports you deserve every minute you spend there.....Proper fishing !
  5. I so enjoy your trips out Tiggs and the wonderful accompanying photos ( lovely Grass Carp ) even though you only seem to use your pins once and then discard them. This high esteem I held you in has wavered somewhat now that I have discovered that you leave the plastic on your corks..............Shameless !!!!
  6. Have you tried one of the Slammo type disgorgers ? Very useful in such situtions. Long versions made by Stonfo, Milo and Guru ( the Continental version ) Hope this helps.
  7. Comes under the 'John Roberts' Deep Throat disgorger ( easy there ! ) banner
  8. Have a look at the JRC Cocoon, seems to have all you require at a lower end budget.
  9. I'm probably being a bit dim here ( not for the first time ) but could you not use a knotless knot and just cut the hair off ?
  10. Mine was an 11ft, 1lb test jobby called 'The Hunter' back in the 70's which was an offer through the Angling Times. Surprisingly good action and recently had new rings and a handle fitted to make it into a cheeky Swingtip rod for Bream on the canal.
  11. Zed, there are screw in quiver tips and swing tips available on e-bay. There was even a rod builder on another site who was making up bespoke swing tips, I can try to dig out his details if you wish ?
  12. What about one of those 'Bolognese' style rods. Handy for travelling about and although more popular abroad I believe Daiwa do a 6m one in their Team Daiwa range.
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