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  1. I hear the people behind "free spirit" were involved so should be good. Hurry and get that web site up Matt...eagerly waiting to have a look. [ 19. March 2003, 01:43 AM: Message edited by: aanthony ]
  2. just added some more votes (again)..... .....thought about voting for modelling. .....as long as its lingerie [ 19. March 2003, 12:23 AM: Message edited by: aanthony ]
  3. *Ant*

    isle of wight

    Hello to you all, My parents have recently moved down to the Isle of Wight so I see this as a great chance to do more shore fishing. (live in staffs so been limited to 2-3 weeks a year). I'm not a big caster so usually look for rock marks or harbours before trying off the beach. Can anyone point out anywhere on the island to try and what species i'm likely to encounter. :confused: many thanks
  4. seen a group test of alarms in an old IYCF (think it was IYCF) :confused: , didn't come out to good , poor build quality if I remember right.
  5. havn't a clue :confused: what your all on about but can i have one too please Nick
  6. *Ant*


    Hello Gavin I spend most of my fishing time on the local canals here in Staffordshire (where there are many). For general pleasure fishing, not after a specific species, I like to use a medium cage feeder attached paternoster style with a 2lb-3lb hooklenght of about 18in. I would add cooked hemp to my chosen groundbait aswell as the water it was cooked in. I personaly find red maggots to be a favoured bait, but also find that the tench prefer a single grain of sweetcorn, match these to your hook size (18-22 for 1 or 2 maggots, 14-16 for a grain of sweetcorn). Look for overhanging trees or bushes on the far bank and fish to these. If you have a wide turning bay nearby, this can be a great place to start, and you may find the odd carp patroling round the edge. Hope this helps and best of luck.
  7. following on from a thread by " JMW " about using worms for carp bait... i've been pondering with the thought of using cocktail hook baits... boilies + worms, or boilies + maggotts. this would involve a hair rigged boilie with a worm or maggotts on the hook, would the wriggling act as an extra attracter ? has it been tried before ?
  8. Hi all, May I just add that looking through the new Total Carp mag, there is a mail order company selling JRC bedchairs at what seems to me excellent prices. New Terry Hearn clubman at £49.99, which is slightly smaller than average so won't suit 6 footers but looks good. There is also a new Terry Hearn X-lite bedchair which i'm thinking about myself (got new baby, partner suggests a new cot) looks very good...5.9kg... at only £89.99... with free 3rd leg worth £29.99. Anyone got one ?
  9. has anyone got a pair of 11ft Daiwa Powermesh X 2.25lb carp rods that they are willing to sell, or anyone know where I can get hold of any. :confused:
  10. steve bundy they are advertised in total carp mag, Danson Angling, tel. 0208 298 9055 or 0208 298 9090. never ordered from them so don't know what there service is like... hope this helps
  11. Gaffer, Is there a hidden story lurking around inside ya? don't think much to his boilies though. [ 01. March 2003, 12:07 AM: Message edited by: aanthony ]
  12. I've seen the nash hooligun rods at a discounted price of £39.99. These seem to be abit of a bargain, but I get the feeling NASH products aren't spoke about with to much fondness on this forum. If anyone has used these rods, please let me know, good or bad. I've recently bought a NASH hurricane special, i've also been using a NASH speedload for over a year and they seem great to me. Have I just been lucky??????? :confused: [ 28. February 2003, 11:58 PM: Message edited by: aanthony ]
  13. maybe the French are just a lovely peace loving people.....or is it that 5 months ago their oil companies Elf, Total and Fina signed billion dollar deals for Iraqi oil. and lets not forget the peace loving nations nuclear weapons tests in the south pacific not too many years ago.
  14. Hello all After all your help on my shelter choice i'd like to ask for input on the following.... 1. Can anyone give me any details on Daiwa Pro Carp X rods, i've heard of the "S" and "Z" but not the "X". 2. I've been looking for a couple of Daiwa powermesh X 11ft 2.25lb rods, but nobody seems to have them, anyone help? 3. Does anyone know how long the Dinamite Baits frenzied range of baits, in the big tubs, last once the're opened. Thanks for any replies and I hope you're all catching more than me in these FREEEEEZING conditions. :confused:
  15. I use the Fox micron m, the're the cheapest in the Fox range at around £20 but do everything I need. The've been drenched on numerous occassions and even covered in ice, but never failed, so reliability is sound. Had cheaper alarms but i'd stay away from these as they let me down alot. stick with the fox ones and you can't go wrong...if money's no object also have a look at the Delkims. Not had either of the rods mentiond, but read many good reviews on the Rangemaster, the new Rangemaster 2 is surposed to be even better. hope this helps
  16. *Ant*


    just got off the phone after talking to Tony of Tony's tackle... gone with the new Nash hurricane special as its so versatile, and he seems to rate it although says the old model wasn't that good. it utilises aluminium poles that stay attached when dismantled so should be pretty easy to erect. the thing that swung it in my favour was the fact that the front can be added or removed with zips and it comes with a free winter skin. only time will tell if i've made the right choice and i'll let you know how it performs. OH! he did a good deal as well....cheers! [ 28. January 2003, 04:51 PM: Message edited by: aanthony ]
  17. yes agree with you there Colin, used WMAC before and good service/prices. why i'm at it...i can vouch for BENNETTS and CHAPMANS...had no problems with either. maybe we should start a database with ratings out of ten...BRENTWOOD "minus" 96765132674264...sorry got a bit carried away there. :mad: :mad:
  18. yes great rod...ordered one from elsewhere...to bad brentwood didn't get my wonga!...and never will ant [ 28. January 2003, 08:33 PM: Message edited by: aanthony ]
  19. sorry never tackled a fast drain. if i was after the bream i'd look for any slack water and use an open end feeder with a sweet ground bait and corn with perhaps a few casters or red maggies, with a single grain of corn on the hook. ant
  20. just like to get something off my chest... ordered a Shimano Technium specialist quiver from Brentwood angling, after 3 weeks recieved it with 4 smashed rings. after a phone call i was told it was the last one so asked for them to refund my credit card... after 12, yes 12, weeks and 2 telephone calls a week i recieved a refund...but no refund on the postage i,d forked out for. lots of telephone calls and then letters followed but still no refund... been over 12 months now... what REALLY drives me mad is there adverts in the mags with the picture of Derek "the don" Richie with the words...TRUST YOUR UNCLE if anyone from Brentwood Angling is reading this...YOU ARE TOTAL SCUM!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: at the other end of the scale i,ve found Tony's Tackle of Eastbourne to be excellent and have no hesitation in recommending them. REALLY NEEDED TO GET THAT OFF MY CHEST
  21. get hold of an ASKARI catalogue and be prepared for a surprise...storm caps,hooks,nets and the like are a fraction of the price we usally see. a few months back i ordered a small baitrunner type reel...fantastic little thing and the cost...£14.95 this week seen them in the angling press advertised as being new and at only...£29.95 :mad: makes you think dunnit
  22. try your local canal and look for a turning bay. i've had some results with a boilie with the skin cut off along with a small p.v.a bag of Sensas pellets...they break down quickly. try Richworth frozen tuttis aswell... GREAT !
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