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  1. Adam Schlesinger 52. Bassist with the band Fountains of Wayne. (COVID-19)
  2. I remember as a kid my dad hating him with a passion. I never found out why though?
  3. *Ant*


    I ordered a Chinese meal last night. Chinese driver came to our door and I walked out to meet him. He started shouting "isolate" "isolate" I said you’re not that late, I only ordered 25 minutes ago!
  4. Damn those Brexiteers!
  5. Chesters, you seem to have gone all wonky for some reason? Or is it just my screen, hhmmm?
  6. My apologies Phone old chap. I should take that back as it was aimed more at a certain type of extreme left, the type we have in the UK that would bend over backwards to defend and excuse such lowlife. I myself would describe a lot of my own views and ideals as being leaning towards the left. My bad for my previous post on the subject.
  7. I really can't be bothered to "try" and read. So can someone just fill me in........has the sh*t hit the fan yet?
  8. Lowlife scumbags! And the left would still defend them.
  9. Well i've joined the hoards and started stockpiling. I was in Tesco and wanted to fit in, got confused and panicked. I still don't have any loo roll or hand wash, but I have 6 new ironing boards, 24 packets of plastic clothes pegs and a ton of Brillo pads if anyone is short.
  10. Sorry, i'm going to hell, I know. I had a splurting coffee over my monitor moment.
  11. Hope this works to lighten the mood.
  12. She likes to get out shopping, seeing her brothers and sisters and being out in the fresh air (basically getting out the house and away from my misserable step dad ). She isn't too concerned about herself, but is worried about catching it and passing it on. My step dad is a life long smoker and has lung problems as well as cancer, so she's worrying about him. And my grandma is still alive on the island and my mum visits her a couple of times a week to clean and do her grocery shopping. She's well into her 90's and is a frail old dear as you can imagine at that age. She can't go out by herself as her eyesight is very poor and she falls over quite a lot. She lives on her own in a quite isolated house on the clifftop just outside Shanklin. The problem is that all the advice that is coming out from the government is for my mum to self isolate, but she can't just leave her mum to fend for herself for who knows how many weeks or months.
  13. Just got off the phone to my mum, she's coming up to 74 in july and says she wouldn't cope with isolating herself. "I go stir crazy if it rains for 2 days and can't get out" was her reply to me asking her to stay safe. Luckily she's never smoked and is fit and well, probably fitter than I infact.
  14. I find it a little odd that the reported death rate around the world of those infected seems to hover around the 2-3%, yet in Italy it's being reported at over 7%. Is it a case that the Italian authorities are being truthful and other countries around the world are, cynically speaking, playing it down a touch?
  15. My very best wishes to ya fella.
  16. Yeah I remember the fella, sad to hear he's no longer with us.
  17. My mind must be going more than I thought. I have no idea who Phone?
  18. And thank you John and the rest of the mods. I've had my hands slapped on the odd occasion over the years, but I'm sure I deserved it.
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