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  1. Don Chesters. If it is Anglersnets anniversary then Happy Birthday, and thank you Mr. Elton.
  2. Been watching the Welsh Open snooker on the BBC Sport website.....could the Welsh be any more biased if they tried! Any other snooker tournament in the home nations that the BBC broadcast is hosted by Hazel Irvine (a Scot) with Stephen Hendry & Alan McManus (Scottish), Steve Davis & John Parrott (English), Ken Docherty & Dennis Taylor (Irish), Terry Griffiths (Welsh) and a few other names from aroung the UK & Ireland. Yet BBC Wales rips up that list and has a Welsh presenter (?) and drags out Darren Morgan and Dominic Dale (both Welsh) as their pundits....and all they talk about is the Welsh players and prioritise showing Welsh players matches. Could you imagine the outrage and fuss if the BBC did the same for the English tournaments.
  3. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am John, you'll have to let me know what you think.
  4. I thoroughly recommend it John, it really is a fab read. If you can hang on until i've finished it I can always pop it in the post for you.
  5. Halfway through a fabulous read at the moment. Unexplained - Supernatural Stories For Uncertain Times by Richard Maclean Smith. Apparently the Financial Times calls it "A grisly treat", and I most certainly agree.
  6. *Ant*


    You go for it John, rant away fella. I can understand your thoughts as i've never really been a fan of commercial pools myself. Big old estate lakes can be great places, but a collection of small muddy puddles in an open field are not my idea of angling nirvana.
  7. *Ant*


    That did make me laugh.
  8. Derrr....the newspapers are obviously controlled by aliens, and Murdoch is a reptilian.
  9. I'm afraid that's all i've got Phone.
  10. *Ant*


    Just thought i'd browse the Dynamite Baits company website, and it would seem they have re-released it, albeit in a smaller plastic tub. Happy days. https://dynamitebaits.com/product/meaty-marine-pellet-stick-mix/
  11. *Ant*


    It was potent stuff and pretty oily. I used to use it in pva mesh sticks mainly, but you couldn't make a batch up at home prior to fishing, you'd have to make them up as and when needed as by the time you got to the bank the oil had saturated the pva mesh and it would never dissolve.
  12. *Ant*


    This was the Dynamite Baits groundbait Martin. You could tell it would pull the fish in as soon as you smelled it and handled it.
  13. I was going to post a link to a story and photos of a Chinese fad of eating babies to give them some strange power that i'd been fowarded. But I did some digging and it turns out it was as I first thought a hoax, and just some Chinese performance artist attempting and succeeding to shock.
  14. *Ant*


    Your favourite? Make your own or from a bait manufacturer? Long gone or still available? My all time favourite and what I had most confidence in (mainly carp angling) was the one Dynamite Baits used to make in the tins, Meaty Marine (?) in slow or fast acting mixes. I never did find out why they stopped making it. Just wondering if there is an alternative of similar type on the market these days that someone has heard of?
  15. *Ant*

    Skin cancer

    Geez' that's awful Phone. My sincere best wishes fella.
  16. OK, that's me stocking up on canned food and longlife milk.
  17. No matter, move along, nothing to see.
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