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  1. some onboard sound cards cant do 5.1 even if it says they support it. i run a n XFI extreme card [onboard sockets WONT do 5.1 gigabyte GA H61] and logitech X59 speakers takes a good 15 mins to set up after a rebuild, the X59's knock out some serious sound if you can lay your hands on a cheap set
  2. i believe its also embeded in mobiles so sucks your batteries dry faster
  3. you could always make up a crayfish net and take them from the river - damn lovely with some pepper and vinegar, treat em as you would prawns
  4. aaaaaaaaaaand i have just dumped Chrome for IE atmo due to its new enforced privacy/censorship policy - am quite capable of policing my own web experience. when searching i want ALL the web has to give - NOT what Google wants me to see !!!!!!!!
  5. is there not a mark all threads read master button - am sure its an option on this board type
  6. IMO scrap live and get a gmail account they store your contacts and bookmarks and when you sign in automatically load to the device you sign in on. great idea for phone flashaholics and pc meddlers LOL
  7. would this suffice, i find Maplins extortionate -- http://www.scan.co.uk/products/dynamode-usb-hd25si-25-external-usb2-enclosure-takes-ide-and-or-sata-hdd-host-and-powered-pc-mac + its only round the corner from moi
  8. Many Toshiba lappy drives are a pain for hidden/locked partitions only removable with a recovery/install disk for that particular lappy.
  9. Would "tanking paint" not do the job - that stuff used on cellars below ground to help stop water penetration. Is it bitumen based ??????
  10. Just to be contrary to the originals versus remake money spinner excuses in 99.9% of cases i prefer the original - Try the new Barcelona, Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe album 2012 featuring a full orchestra something apparently Freddie was a little afraid of doing on the original, ignore the remix versions on the deluxe offering. The full orchestra with their voices now sadly dubbed in is an awesome experience and eclipses the original. I will listen to anything EXCEPT that gangsta garbage.
  11. If you want different search out - War of the Worlds: ULLAdubULLA The Remix Album, make sure its the first and not the second offering.
  12. Norton tends to be the main culprit for burying itself into systems, tho there is removal software available to rid yourself of it. Any seller worth their salt will tailor the software - eg. remove unwanted garbage for you - the grabbing box shifters at Pcworld,Comet, Curry's etc are an exeption to this . A quick google will find FREE virus software removal tools if needed.
  13. Win 8 sux - it constantly phones home to check its legal so ca baulk when trying to use without an internet connection, plus its more suited to touchscreens as thats what microshaft had in mind in development. there is a bolt on for a start button just have a shufty on mydigitallife forums
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