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  1. Spindle, I don't understand the language? Phone
  2. Peter W., Looks like pretty inovative kit from my view. Phone USA
  3. In the US these glasses are nearly as important as camo is in the UK lol. The difference being the glasses serve an important purpose. Do not skimp on quality. UV protection is a very important aspect. I will not fish without polaroid glasses. And I have three variations described by Newt. Phone
  4. Peter, My attempt at lighthearted brevity on no doubt a serious subject for you lads. In the US where two or more shall meet there will be disagreement. But, let an outsider make a comment like me in this case, then it's "Katy bar the door", the real fight is on. Phone
  5. I don't think it takes a fox for anglers in the UK to disagree with one another Phone
  6. What would you like on your tombstone" ART - he was skilled in the art of course angling SPORT - he was an accomplished angling sportsman PLEASURE - in his spare time he took pleasure in angling VOCATION - made his living as an angler Phone
  7. pres, A man close to my heart. In the US it is becoming fashionable to make three trips to an overloaded 3/4 ton pick-up truck. Holy smokes! I carry about as you and have a pleasurable time. In the US the average session is about 4 - 6 hrs (a guess). Some spend half that time getting ready or packing up. Not to mention the time spent at home getting ready and unpacking. Phone
  8. Couple questions. What is the remaining attractant in hemp after all the "treatment"? Why does "angling hemp" send the sniffer dogs into a frenzy at the airport? Phone
  9. Newt, I know paylakers don't name their fish. I was saying that is about the only place where a carp is twice caught. Phone
  10. Oddly, Pike in the US are also extremly vlunerable to handling. One of the rare things we have in common with the UK I guess. Pike do not replace the protective slime as quickly as most fish among other things. Do not learn from an American instructor. Phone
  11. In the US we call this argument NIMBY. NIMBY means "not in my back yard". Phone
  12. Trent B., Point of order in a thread I have no business posting to. IMO Ethics are the foundation of society the world around. A system for establishing morals based on our species determinaton of right and wrong. Morals are operative words and deeds and can change with public sentimemt and opinion. On and on Phone
  13. Graham X, Seem reasonable to me. Socially acceptable by the masses. Historically and currently. What's your point? Phone
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