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  1. Not sure I'd describe Morden as lovely anymore! I moved out 2 years ago to the definitely lovely West Sussex countryside. I should change my forum name to RudgewickMike (assuming its possible)
  2. Dan Not sure if this is going to be much use, but I live in Rudgwick and have wandered round it a couple of times but never fished it.It is controlled by Carshalton Distict Angling Assoc. and consists of 2 lakes, the smallest is less than an acre and I think gets match fished a bit but looks like a pretty decent lake to teach someone on. The larger lake is 2 acres (maybe) and looks quite inviting and last time I was there saw some decent fish moving around (carp?) Doubt if this helps much (!) but let us know how you get on as I may join the club as its very local. Mike
  3. Lovely pics and yet people still ask us why do we go fishing?
  4. Yep definitely some to be found in the Thames, around teddington lock in the cut (had a tiddler of about a 1lb on maggot a coupla seasons ago!) and rumours of them in the tidal section as well. Not much left of the season though so good luck Mike
  5. Well done the EA! Always good to see where some of the licence money goes.
  6. Maggots . Built my self up a nice collction in the garage as well as boot of the car, its taken me a few years but its been worth the effort (my wife is especially proud) but this year i'm branching out in to trout pellets with my speciality being ones with a tinge of mould. Any offers ?
  7. Fishing the River Mole last winter I saw 2 kingfishers locked beak to beak having a right old fight dunking each other in the river ! Fortunately after a couple of minutes one of them let go, so no fatalities. Even after 30 odd years of fishing I never tire of seeing that fabulous flash of blue as a kingfishers skims by.
  8. A bootlace eel about 8 inches long , back in the days when the rivers were full of 'em. its funny but considering how much I love fishing I can't remember what year it was ! I reckon about 1973/74 (probably why I can't remember) from that point on I was as deeply hooked as that unfortunate little eel.
  9. I have had my licence checked by the EA 3 times since June each time at the same fishery (BuryHill) out of about 10 visits , which would seem to bear out AT's claim. Although I think this may be down to pure convenience on their (the EA's) part. I agree Ferg that the fisheries should be able to sell licences and but also the EA bailifs should be able to sell them on the banks. I reckon it would be a lot easier than chasing the non licence holders through the courts (assuming you can get them there) for a small fine.
  10. Thanks MrMathew but I've put in an offer for Ferret's match, although he would'nt except 50p !
  11. I'm interested (won't be £113 though !) , a photo would be nice cheers Mike
  12. In the summer Tench, for the winter anything I can catch on a float in a river.
  13. The earlier mitchell post got me all wistful (must be my age as I bought a centrepin earlier this year !). I had a Match (in blue) for over twenty years, but it got nicked. It was bought in about 1977 or 78 which I think made it one of the orignal 'proper' (ie French ?) ones.I have read that the later production models were not as good, which leads me to a couple od questions : how do you tell the good early models? and does anybody on here fancy selling me one ? or know of a reliable source. I intend to use it so doesn't have to be mint and I know its a bit of a nostalgia trip but I've y
  14. A) 34 40 C) 1 per year ave. (but twice this season )
  15. You ate a barbel ? oh good god, what have you done ? I'll have to call the Police...
  16. in all fairness to my lovely wife (just in case she reads this!) she is very tolerant and understanding about my fishing addiction/affliction but for some reason she just doesn't get excited by my tales of my days fishing, her eyes just glaze over and she falls asleep (perhaps I should get her a carp rod !!) But she never minds providing I at least cook dinner the night before.
  17. Thanks for that piece of advice Chester1.....I now need to change my shirt and put cream on my second degree burns !
  18. After a long and only moderate days fishing I was seated in our lounge with my dear wife when the conversation turned as it often does to the more important matters that affect our life at the moment. Our only son is due to go to university in a few weeks time and we are also contemplating moving house and area later this year. In a momentary pause in the conversation I was asked whilst gazing (apparently) in deep thought through the lounge window “what are you thinking about?” my wife asked, assuming I was considering our lives impending changes. I replied “ I’m not sure whether to hair rig
  19. Newt as a pleasure angler (aren't we all ?) that occasionally uses a keepnet I don't use it so I can 'admire' my catch at the end of the session, it is so I can build up a bag of fish. I have noticed as I'm sure others have that some fish (roach, chub) in smaller rivers can be easily spooked by returning fish immediately to the swim. As said I use one infequently and the fish are never lifted from the water but allowed to swim out by lifting the net from the bottom. I do have concerns however over the treatment of the fish during weighing in at matches where fish are tipped/tumbled from ne
  20. I couldn't agree more Gozzer
  21. I don't personally see how anybody can fish with 4 rods effectively or safely regardless of how many licences they need/have (but I guess thats for another topic!). But I would still like to know what the alternative to a rod licence is ? It seems a lot of people are skeptical about the use of the licence money but even if they use as little as some people think for the anglers benefit, its still got to be better than none.
  22. Been an excellent topic this , but at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious the alternative to having a licence is to NOT have a licence, In which case on those (few) public waters , some of which I fish, who would control them in regards to water quality,fish stocks etc. Also would that mean an end to minimum rods per angler ? I can see those speci boys turning up with 8 rods ! just for the record i've had my licence checked twice within 10 days , an all time record for me !
  23. As has been said before its only anglers , as far as I know, that actually care about whats IN the water. The other groups of water users (boaters, canoists , dog walkers, ramblers et al) probably only care that there actually is water and with a few fluffy ducks bobbing about on top to make it look pretty. This is why that providing a good chunk of the money goes towards maintaining the water quality and fish stocks, I don't mind paying for a licence regardless of the type of fish and fishing it helps to maintain/preserve.
  24. Yep I have no problem what so ever in paying £25 for a licence (probably be cheaper if there wern't so many tight ar**ed dodgers about as well!)
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